Arkansas Lace-Like Blue Phantom Plate Cluster

Arkansas Lace-Like Blue Phantom Plate Cluster
Item# BP01-789

Product Description

Arkansas Lace-Like Blue Phantom Plate Cluster
Medium to one dark well-defined shale phantoms, some capped and/or sided in white are clearly defined in the fine crystals of this Arkansas lace-like rare blue phantom plate cluster.

If you are a jeweler, this cluster will make an outstanding focal for your next piece. If you are a collector, this nearly pristine, rare small cabinet piece will rate center stage.

1-3/4x 2-1/2x >1/2" tall. The largest crystal is penetrated at its' nose by a heart shaped, twinned doubly-terminated crystal as well as a multi-terminated nicely phantomed crystal and is 9/16x 1-1/2". Entirely self-supporting except for a 3/16x 1/2" of glittering sandstone at a back bottom edge. And yes, you are looking directly through the cluster where the crystals are not grown together.

Sent gift boxed with handwritten description on the reverse of our enclosure card. Shipping will be added.

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