Blue, White, Combo Phantom Rock Crystals + Clusters

Natural Arkansas Blue Phantom, White Phantom, Combo Phantom and Simply Included Rock Crystals and Clusters. Inclusions of blue shale, black manganese, and/or white titanium.

Naturally Artistic Black and White LARGE Arkansas Quartz Cluster
 Arkansas Dark Blue Phantom Crystal, SO Rare TEN FACES - Thumbnail Sized
Arkansas Quartz Large Blue Phantom Floater Cluster
Intricate Arkansas Blue Phantom Quartz Quantum Cluster
Clear Blue Phantom Crystal  Plate Fan Cluster-Large Cabinet
Arkansas Blue Phantom Rock Crystal Cluster, Manifest
Rock Crystal Cluster, Blue Phantom, Faden
Arkansas Dark Blue Phantom Crystals, White Faden Tabular Cluster
Large Blue Included Mine Fresh Rock Crystal Cluster
Large Tabular Blue Phantom Elestial: Huge Diamond Window
 Star:  Big Large Cabinet Arkansas Blue Phantom Crystal Plate Cluster
Cadet Blue Arkansas Phantom Cluster - Large Cabinet  B06-122
Vibrant Arkansas Blue Phantom Cluster
Shale Included Arkansas Rainbow Rock Crystal
Penetrated Fresh Deep Blue Phantom Quartz Crystals
Optic 4-Phantom Arkansas Rock Crystal
Arkansas Cryptocrystalline Matrix Quartz Cluster
RARE WHITE ROOFTOP PHANTOM Doubly-Terminated Rock Crystal Great for Wirewrapping at Montgomery Crystal Co
Glassy Triplet Crystals, Salt and Pepper Blue Phantoms
Rare Dogtooth Crystal Triplet, Penetrated Twins - Blue Phantoms
Arkansas Lace-Like Blue Phantom Plate Cluster
Double Pale Dream Phantoms, RARE 8h Faced Tabular Crystal
Hefty Laser Twin Crystal, Half Clear - Half Cadet Blue Phantom
Plate Bottom, Blue Included Arkansas Crystal Cluster - Big Large Cabinet B06-2305
Intersecting Heart-ish Arkansas Dark Blue Phantom Crystals, Miniature
Arkansas Blue Phantom/White Tabular Crystal Cluster, Tantric Twin, Miniature
Large Arkansas Tabular Crystal, Large White Phantom
Arkansas White Phantom STITCHMARK [Interrupted Growth] Rock Crystal Point, Miniature