SOLD: Brilliantwood

SOLD: Brilliantwood
Item# BR04-198

Product Description

SOLD: Brilliantwood
Brilliantwood, named for Brilliant, Alabama, is a most unusual scilicified - that's petrified - wood in that it often has a sparkling of smoky quartz drusy enhancing its' super natural preserved fiber and even bark details.

Shades on this specimen range from cafe au lait to orange to dark chocolate and the textures are just amazing. Drusy quartz shines around its' circumference, and the piece safely self-displays as you can see.

Held to be grounding and protective, this ancient will make a great guy gift, 2-3/8"x 3"x 4", or happily stay with you.

Sent gift boxed with handwritten description on the reverse of our enclosure card. This will arrive to Australia via international first class mail added to the specimen price.

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