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Feedback - You Say The Nicest Things
Hi Lin, I absolutely love this rough piece, the colors are beautiful and thank you for the gift, it’s really amazing! I am looking for a blue/ lavender rose quartz sphere if you ever come by any 💜💙 Thanks again ~ Danube [California]

Hey Lin, yes. Jeannie absolutely loved hers! Thank you so much. She is shipping me the one for me to my daughter's. Kevin [Pennsylvania]

The kids are here! Yay! You sure do a lovely job with the packaging – bless you. Well, my Iris is a very intriguing crystal – beautiful energies (of course), beautiful rainbows and the lines within and without form a “star” in the middle of the crystal. Pleased to be here, perhaps even proud. Coontail – raccoon? Well, this is a cheeky one and I’m thinking that some people would call it a Devic crystal. Gorgeous. Thank you so much for caring for them until it was time for them to come to me. xxoo, Lorraine [Australia]

Hi Lin, They’re here! Gorgeous energies : ) I’ve never had a proper curved crystal before and the “tail” on the Top Hat and Tails is a beautiful flowing curve. Couldn’t let go of the companion crystal love that little one. Thank you for finding them for me : ) Love and Light, Lorraine [Australia]

....Nice batch..Love the traveling companion! Mary [Texas]

Hi! Oh, Lin, these are spectacular! I just opened the box and I’m so happy! The lavender couldn’t be more perfect. And even the small ones are gorgeous. The 8 faced crystal who came along is so clear! I love them all! I’m planning to give the double blue to my boyfriend. Thank you so much!! Xxoo Diedre [Washington]

Your crystals arrived, beautiful as expected. The smoky is very special. It tells me that one day the earth around were it came from will be the new Atlantis. There is the largest crystal single deposit of crystal in the world there. Brasil has more but in many different places. So Arkansas is the next Atlantis in the future.. Great energy there. Very Sacred place. Wish I could own a parcel of land there. It will be a place to live with many special benefits. Alice [California]

Thank you for clearing my confusion: using only what I find on line as information, it is hard to know the truth about crystals/provenance. Now I know. Also, I received your blue phantom crystals today. I love them, plus the companion traveling crystal. Will take another look at your store. Thanks again for your information, and your beautiful crystals. Alice [California]

Hi Lin I got everything. Had to double check my mail. Everything looks great! Thanks Hamid [California]

Dealing with this company was a marvelous experience! Communications were fun and informative, and shipping was fast. The big, beautiful rose quartz was even better than in the photo, and a special, unexpected gift was included, which has great value to me. This will be a favorite shop of mine for a long time to come. Thanks for a great transaction! Essie [North Carolina]

Everything super - highly recommended - thank you! Eva [Switzerland]

Hello Lin – they are here! That is really quick from the US, I was pleasantly surprised. Very carefully wrapped : ) A greeting, an acknowledgement and a knowing with the Brilliantwood – amazing! Totally blown away with the Golden Healer. Thank you so much for sending this special one. The funny thing is that I had been seeing a yellowish quartz in my head, and thought it might have been a Sulphur in Quartz that I was looking for. Then this one arrived and it is just the one I’ve needed to have : ) Blessed Be, Lorraine [Australia]

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I received my necklace today after returning home from vacation. I love knowing the world holds such lovely people in it both who can be patient and kind. I have sent several people to your site since I ordered from you since I was so happy with the high quality crystals I received. They are bringing joy and love into my life. I can feel it. Thank you for putting more joy and love into the world. I really feel like one by one we all can make a difference. Much love from Chicago, Maura

"I'm telling you Lin, everyone is going to pendulums and dowsing..............what is going on? your pendulums have a personal touch that the customers like..........they like that they are all one of a kind..........really nice I am pleased and can't wait to get them." Cove Crystals [Washington]

You must have some sort of 6th sense! I just got to my email today. You can imagine my surprise. What a beautiful crystal too, thank you sooooo much! It was a great way to start the weekend! Mitchel [Oregon]

Dear Lin, Thank you for getting in touch! Life is grand and zipping along. Yes the book has come in handy... Merry Christmas and blessings for the New Year! Blessings, Lou [Malaysia]

Absolutely stunning! I could not be more satisfied with these beauties,and what a great gift. Thank you and thank the earth and universe for all this bounty. And I love your book. If you ever have energy for another edition I would love to read your take on the energetic and metaphysical properties of these various shapes geometries etc. A lovely book and very helpful for someone like me - gorgeous photos and very clear information. Thank you so much for everything. Talk soon - love Anthony [New York]

Today I received my children :') they're so amazing! The lavender rose quartz commands attention among my previous crystals. The pendulum is absolutely breath taking. You put so much effort into it and it's just so meaningful to me. One thing I noticed was that I've never really combined Amethyst and Carnelian together before this week, (for the man with the cancer) and I know I put so much energy into them, and it's as if you gifted me the same energy back by combining the amethyst, carnelian, and the clear quartz to make the pendulum. I decided to put my pendulum in my car, where it will be seen and admired each time I drive. :) thank you so much! They've become a definite favorite piece in my collection. Ralphina [Pennsylvania]

Lin: I wanted to spend some time with them before I responded. I immediately connected with the beautiful golden healer-thank you. The rose quartz is absolutely stunning in the depth and breadth of colors. I've spent a considerable amount of time with it. The Arkansas elestial was much more elusive for me. I spent more time with it in my leisure time and now feel a strong connection to it. I am absolutely delighted with my new friends! Thank you so much! Kelly [Virginia]

Hi Lin, Received your book and the crystal today. Thank you very much. The crystal is beautiful and the book is great! It will be a good reference. I love your book. Mary [Texas]

Hello! So sorry it has taken me awhile to get back to you. Summer has been busy here. : ) Yes, I did receive my beautiful stones. I'm in love with them! Thank you so much for packaging them so well. They are on display for all to see. Thank you again, Nancy [California]

Crystals + me = love. Costin [New York City]

Dear Montgomery Crystal Co, Thank you for the wonderful birthday gift for my brother. The beautiful crystal formation was shipped safely, is gorgeous and you tucked in some extra goodies that I felt were so personal and I am grateful for that! I do want to purchase a few more crystal formations from your company because of the small town, personal service from Montgomery Crystal Co. that I don't come across much anymore. Thank you again, I adore Mother Natures's sparkling gifts for us, MK Wilson [Oregon]

Hi Lin, I love these crystals. Love love love them. Oh my goodness they are lovely. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you. Thank you for the blessings, the travel companion Crystal and the pen, postcards, your kind wishes. I am so thrilled with everything. Delighted. Big hugs Lin, Sherrill [California]

Crystals arrived safely! They are very beautiful I enjoy them very much. Thank you so much also for the lovely GIFTS! Wish you the Best with KInd regards Eva [Switzerland]

I just wanted to let you know I received my crystals today. Wow! They are beautiful. Thank you so very much for the gift wrapping and the gorgeous companion crystal. I love it. Your kindness is very much appreciated. Thanks so much for all your help. Diana [Illinois]

I got the book mark & tabby crystal & they are wonderful. xx, djconway [Oregon]

I came home tonight and grabbed two of my pretty new clusters and ever since I held my babies I have felt like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I cannot tell you how touched and blessed these precious clusters have made me feel. Now I have to also admit I did cheat on you! - I had a cluster arrive from another seller (I KNOW FOR SHAME!) This may sound strange but I could instantly tell the difference. It is just as pretty, just as nice, just as big, but the vibration, the energy is entirely different. It is just off somehow. I have it surrounded by the precious ones I got from you in hopes they sort of help this cluster along but I now will say you will be my only cluster provider. Odd huh? I do not know how to explain it except that it arrived empty. Now I can recharge this baby and slowly rebuild her along but the ones I received from you came here fully charged, loaded and ready to work. They were jumping out of the boxes and all are hyper little clusters that are eager to please. They have the best positive energy I have ever felt in a crystal. Best Blessings, Steph [Colorado]

OMG! The golden cluster is gorgeous and is in Ms Sadie Athena's room. I think she started eating her pellets (a huge step after surgery) about the time it arrived on my porch this afternoon. As for its companion ... I am totally blown away by it! When you said "companion" I was assuming something very small. I opened the golden first (assumed it would be the one with the invoice visible). Sat with the golden and programmed it for the healing work Ms Sadie Athena and I would be doing together using it (no idea what that means, just got the message that was how it was to be programmed). While I was doing that [before I opened its box] the companion told me what room it was to live in and EXACTLY WHERE in that room it wanted to be! When I read its description (again, before I saw it) was the words "record keeper". In the last 2 months I have been "directed" to read 3 books on the Akashic Records. The "companion" is in my crystal/yoga/meditation room ... which formerly belonged to Big Al who left his bunny body back in October and directed that his room become a "crystal cave." I am honestly feeling that the golden cluster reached out to me specifically to bring this other piece into my life! Thank you! K [Missouri]

They are exquisite!! Beautiful!! Amazing!! Thank you!! Mira [Washington]

Hi,I first want to thank you for your package today. I loved your presentation and your gifts. Your generosity was huge for such a small order, and your love of crystals was quite evident. Thanks! Dorothy [Florida]

...Love the Lavender [rose quartz], gorgeous!! Thank you...very soft energy...Blessings, Cheryl [Wisconsin]

Thank you! The crystals came yesterday along with the pen. They are all gorgeous and fascinating. I'm still working hard with the companion one. There is something intriguing about it. It does have a very tiny winged form in it that looks like a dragon. I have to hunt up a stronger magnifying glass. Deanna [Oregon]

Yes, everyone is happy now. The clear quartz has such a strong vibe, I can understand how it made it in the shipment. LOL Mary [Kentucky]

Thank you so much. The beautiful crystals arrived today. Debby [Oregon]

Wearing my gorgeous earrings and got the other earrings last night (fast delivery) and they are beautiful. You sure make a great presentation!! Barbara [New York]

we received our package this morning and wanted to tell you how right on track you were in choosing our crystals and their particular attributes for us - pretty incredible!! - thanks so much! Leslie [Iowa]

You have truly outdone yourself. I just received my order and OMG!!!!! I am sitting in the middle of the most amazing Golden Healers I have ever seen! The Yttrium FLuorite is breathtaking and the brilliantwood!!!!! Insert any and all gleeful exclamation words here. And my gifted golden healer absolutely took my breath away!! I am sleepin with that sweetheart tonite! makes my hands all tingly! LOL Thank you. These are all soooooooooooo beautiful!! As my daddy used to say, "ya done good!!" hugs of gratitude and joy, Mira [Washington]

ok, just got my package . it is open now and I love these crystals. will be hard to assign them to the shoppe for sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoox L will definitely keep 2 or 3 and put in our private collection.................. Linda [Washington]

Just a very brief note to let you know they have arrived! I have only taken 4 out of their boxes and I am already overwhelmed with their beauty and their mystery. Thank you very much for the wonderful rose quartz!! I love it! More later when I get some time to open and admire everyone. Thank you!!! Diedre [Arizona]

Thank you, Lin! I received the crystals yesterday. I have unpacked them and set them with my other crystals. They are lovely! You are wonderfully prompt, and the shipping was packed immaculately! I hope to be doing business with you again, as I develop my practice and client base. Peace and love, Laura [Michigan]

Hi Lin, So great to hear from you!! Sorry I didn't respond earlier. Thank you so much for adding the family and me to your website. As for the crystals, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! Gorgeous! I have told everyone about you and the shop!! Thank you so much. I so love you and your energy and look forward to ordering more lovelies from you! Nikki [Texas]

Got the crystals just fine and they are beautiful! And so full of life. xx,d [Oregon]

Lin, You made a little girl very happy! All she kept saying was” WOW! Look at that, is that a real star?” And she wore the necklace to school today. She put the crystal on the leather band and was planning to wear that one tomorrow. Thanks again Lin! All the best, Peter [Connecticut]

Ordering from Montgomery Crystal Co was a great experience. Their love for crystals really shows...they took great care in handling and expediting my order and my crystal came with a note about its history and finer details. Also, Lin's book is very good - I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend ordering from them without hesitation. Corey [Los Angeles]

Hello Lin,- The yttriums and the lavender quartz have arrived safely. They are really something special! Thank you so much. rune [Sweden]

Hi, Lin - they have arrived! they are beautiful. and what a wonderful golden healer. packs a punch. i set them with most of the others on the piano to get acclimated. who knows where they will end up in the house as time goes by. thank you, Rhonda [Ohio]

Hi Lin, the package arrived today. Thanks for the extra gift. Very intuitive choosing. When I first saw the isis crystal and got interested in that one, I looked to see if there was anything else. I was thinking of getting a fluorite and saw a Yttrium fluorite that was listed on your Etsy site. I guess the Great Spirit thinks I should have gotten it and sent you the message! This will be interesting. I took a quick intro with my new friends then gave them a bath and am letting them relax and hang out with my selenite from their travels. The rainbows in the golden healer and rose quartz are beautiful. When I was looking at the Isis, I was thinking it hadn't shown me the record keeper yet, and right after I thought that, there it was as if to say, "here I am". Thanks for everything, Peggy [Indiana]

Hey, Lin!!!! They arrived this morning!!!! When I opened the mailbox and saw your package I almost did a dance in the middle of the street. I was so excited that I could hardly wait to open my wonderful package!!! The blue phantom is all that I thought it would be and so much more!!! I haven't had time to go over every centimeter with the magnifying glass, but what I have looked at is exquisite! And my little battered greenie is safely tucked into my pocket until I can find some more appropriate way to keep it near my heart. I love it too! It has a feeling of reaching out to me - it really wants to be mine and I want it to be mine. You were right to send it - I'm so glad that you did!!! We belong to each other. The blue deserves to have a standard/pedestal built for it and a special space designated for it. That I'll have to think on for a while. I'm just so thrilled with them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Your gift has truly lifted my heart! Ruthie [Wyoming]

Love the crystals! Thanks so much! I couldn't believe how large the rose quartz was, and how sparkly and beautiful the clear quartz. Plus, the extra quartz cluster was unbelievable! Thanks again, Lisa [Pittsburgh]

Hi Lin, I actually returned on Sunday for the night and left on Monday again and returned home last night. Monday morning, before departing again, I went to the post office to pick up the(I was so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) crystals and took the package with me to Santa Cruz. I opened the box of crystals when I arrived to the hotel room and placed them all out on the night table beside me. I had the most restful night sleep (not common for me in hotel rooms). I held the golden healer point in my hand and held it to my third eye before sleeping and upon waking. I am in love with the golden healer crystals!!!!!! (I love them all but for some reason, am loving the golden hue right now). I also love my sparkly gift and thank you so much for sharing the journey. You can use my note gladly. You are so magical yourself and I love knowing you and getting my precious crystal beings from you. You are full of love, generous and lots of fun and humor!!!!!!!!! Sending you much love... Phyllis [California]

Hi Lin, Thanks again for the crystals, they really touched the heart of our hosts. It is now on display as soon as you enter the house and move from the foyer into the salon. This is a excellent location considering the amount of light it receives! I also really appreciated your gift to me. I put it in the pot of my favorite plant which sits on my windowsill by my computer. It really does shine during the day. These crystals really did top off my parent's visit; We couldn't be happier. Sincerely, Nicholas Robbins & The Robbins Family. [Arkansas, Washington DC]

Lin, Thank you Thank you I love them Wow they are awesome Have a wonderful day. Diana [Missouri]

Unique crystals with handwritten, detailed descriptions. Wrapping is of the highest order to avoid damage - prompt delivery and excellent customer service. Sally [Oregon]

Thank you so much for your awesome Kids - I got my Crystal yesterday. Wow can't wait to to see big sister and travelling companion. Blessings, Diana [Missouri]

Hi Lin!!!! I'm so happy!! the package arrived today! now I’m finding the right place to put everything! thank you so much!!! I also love the rose quartz and the fluorite!!! they are really beautiful, thank you! I really can’t thank you enough! it's great to have the crystals here! Many blessings Carola [Chile]

the stones arrived today. all are happy at home here, in poughkeepsie. naturally i love them all. thank you. billy name [Poughkeepsie]

thanks; very happy, very best. billy name [Poughkeepsie]

THANK YOU! Kristen received the deck and the crystal and she loved it so much - many many thanks I'll be sure to order from you again. so sweet of you, she's very very happy xoxo B [Los Angeles/New York]

The stones arrived today. Thank you. They are fantastic! For some reason I didn't expect the rose quartz to be so heavy. I haven't had time to get out the big magnifier and the Ott light to give them a good looking over, but I certainly will today. I think I was born with a fascination for stones, and doubt I'll ever get over it. Deanna [Oregon]

I am very impressed with the quality and prices at I also received a kind email thanking me and quickly for my business and a complementary stone. I will again do business here and recommend my friends and family... A very satisfied customer~Kindly,Jeanine O. [Texas]

lin - marvelous pieces, arrived today. i love both and they love me. billy name [Poughkeepsie]

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