Arkansas Dark Blue Phantom Crystal, SO Rare TEN FACES - Thumbnail Sized
Arkansas Golden Healer Cluster - Selection of FIVE Quartz Crosses
Big Twins and Twins - Big Large Cabinet Rainbow Arkansas Rock Crystal Cluster
Brilliant Large Compound Arkansas Crystal Plate Cluster
Exquisite Large Rock Crystal Burr Cluster, Rare Habits, Montgomery Crystal Co
Large 'Butterfly' Tabular Quartz Crystal Cluster
LARGE Arkansas Tabular Crystal, Penetrating Elestial Fin
Plummy Grey Clear Natural Arkansas -Rare- Smoky Quartz Crystal, Miniature
Rare Tabular Chisel Crystal - Rare Red Clay Inclusions - Cabinet Sized
SOLD: Arkansas Golden Healer Multi-Layered Cluster, Large Cabinet
SOLD: Doubly-Terminated, Blue Included, Multi-Color Neon Irises Crystal, 13 FACES
SOLD: Golden Healer and White Arkansas Rock Crystal Cluster
Star: Big Large Cabinet Arkansas Blue Phantom Crystal Plate Cluster
White Gold Porcupine Style Barely Golden Healer Cluster, Large Cabinet
10 Faced Double Diamond Ultra Rare Rock Crystal - Thumbnail Arkansas Quartz Cluster
14-FACED Gem Natural Smoky Arkansas Quartz Crystal, Miniature
20-FACED Green Chlorite Phantom Doubly-Terminated Crystal, Arkansas
24 FACED Natural Arkansas Smoky Quartz Crystal, Optically Clear
7 Pound 13 Ounce-Large Tabular Arkansas Elestial Chisel Crystal, Rainbows
9-FACED Chisel Crystal with Doubly-Terminated Handle, Reiki
A BOY'S LIFE - Jewelled Picture Frame with Rare Arkansas Green Chlorite Phantom Rock Crystals, Gold and Copper Charms, Kraft Paper
A Grade A Arkansas Rock Crystal Plate Cluster, Small Cabinet
A Myriad Of Crystal Clear Points with A Plate Bottom
A+ Gem Grade California Lavender Rose Quartz Rough
A+ Grade Smoky Quartz Tabular Twins, 21 FACES, Rainbow Rider Crystals
ACE Collar - Premium Arkansas Tabular Rock Crystal, Carved Jet Warhorse; Rock Crystal, Golden Rutile, Smoky Quartz, Leopardskin Jasper, Pyrite, Hematite, Antique Soochow Jade
ADIRONDACK SCALLOP Barrette - Gold Stars, Natural Arkansas Quartz Crystal, Cream Gold Cranberry Olive Tapestry
Aesthetic Crystal Clear Quartz Cluster
ANTIBES - Showstopper Clip Earrings with Arkansas Rainbow Crystal Points
ANTIQUE BUD BOTTLE - Capped Arkansas Rock Crystal and Amethyst, Peridot, Malachite, Turquoise...Brass Flowers and Bee for That Special Bouquet
ANTIQUE BUD BOTTLE - Hires Bottle, Rare Diamond Window Rock Crystal, Cut and Facetted Rock Crystal Beading, Baroque Clear Glass Beads One of Kind
ANTIQUE BUD BOTTLE - Upjohn Bottle, Natural Arkansas Rock Crystal,Japanese Foil Bead, Real Pre-Embargo Coral, Abalone, Fancy Jasper Beading
ARBITER Pin - Doubly-Terminated Arkansas Rock Crystal Cupped in Brass
Arkansas 13-FACED Extra Rare Top Jewelry Grade Natural Smoky Quartz Crystal, Miniature
Arkansas Blue Phantom Rock Crystal Cluster, Manifest
Arkansas Blue Phantom/White Tabular Crystal Cluster, Tantric Twin, Miniature
Arkansas Cryptocrystalline Matrix Quartz Cluster
Arkansas Crystal Clear Penetrated RARE Scepter Quartz, Thumbnail
Arkansas Crystal Cluster, Reverse Scepter, Laser Crystals
Arkansas Crystal Point, Brilliant Foils and Rainbows
Arkansas Dark Blue Phantom Crystals, White Faden Tabular Cluster
Arkansas Doubly-Terminated Crystal Floater Cluster
Arkansas Doubly-Terminated Elestial Glass Back Cluster with Pocket
Arkansas Extra-Terrestrial Crystal, Through-And-Through Point - Small Cabinet
Arkansas Gem Grade Clear EIGHT Faced Isis Point, After-Calcite Fins - Miniature
Arkansas Golden Healer and Clear Quartz Cluster with Flying DT Crystal, Cabinet T Crystal
Arkansas Green Chlorite Phantom, Shield Faced Crystal
Arkansas Green Chlorite Rooftop Phantom Tabular Recordkeeper Crystal, Miniature/Pendant-Sized
Arkansas Isis Milky to Devic to Clear Small Cabinet Cluster
Arkansas Lace-Like Blue Phantom Plate Cluster
Arkansas Quartz Cluster - Lustrous LASER CRYSTALS - Cabinet
Arkansas Quartz Cluster Penetrated and Rainbowed, Miniature
Arkansas Quartz Cluster, Isis Faces, Veil Phantoms
Arkansas Quartz Crystal Elestial aka 'Jelly Doughnut'
Arkansas Quartz Large Blue Phantom Floater Cluster
Arkansas Reverse Scepter, Beta Crystal Top
Arkansas Rock Crystal Cluster Curves into a [Cabinet Size] Smile
Arkansas Rock Crystal Cluster, TWO 9h FACED Points
Arkansas Rock Crystal Plate Cluster with 'Flying Laser DT', No Matrix.
Arkansas Tabular Crystal Cathedral Cluster, Large Cabinet
Arkansas Tabular Scepter Crystal, Doubly-Terminated, Faden, Miniature: Montgomery Crystal Co 18q-WDT2-19198
Arkansas Tessin Habit Smoky Quartz Crystal, 20 FACED Miniature
Arkansas White Phantom STITCHMARK [Interrupted Growth] Rock Crystal Point, Miniature
Astounding, Clear Tabular Chisel Crystal - Selene Rainbow Shells
Awesome Tabular Rock Crystal Scepter, Rare Dogtooth Stick
BEACH TASSEL Ears - Matched Natural Arkansas Rock Crystals, Antiqued Findings, Real Shells, Metallicized Leather
BEACH TASSEL Necklace - Arkansas Rock Crystal, Sea Shells, Metallicized Leather
BEAUTY SPOT - Butterfly Choker - Necklace of a Natural Arkansas Quartz Crystal, Purple Pink Rose Lampwork, Jewel Tone Swarovski Facetted Glass
Behind The Crystal Ball
BIMINI CLIPS - Earrings of Matched, Wirewrapped Natural Arkansas Rock Crystals, Ammonites, Copal, Tiger's Eye, Horn, Pyrite
BLACKSTRIPE - Large Barrette of Arkansas Rock Crystal, Black Onyx, Black Beige Gold
BLUE BACHELORS BUTTONS - French Clip Ribbon Barrette with Wirewrapped Arkansas Golden Healer Crystal and Blue Jade
BLUE RIBBON - Horselovers', Equestrian Pin With Petite Arkansas Rock Crystal
Blue, White, Combo Phantom Rock Crystals + Clusters
Books, Illuminator Bookmark/Pendulums, Mineral Magazines,and Jewelled Convertible Eyeglass Chains
Bright Tabular Doubly-Terminated Crystals With A Rare Dogtooth
Brilliant Arkansas Rock Crystal Cluster with Vortex Charging Plate Record Keepers Rainbows SOLD
Brilliant Clear Lacy Golden Healer Plate Cluster - Large Cabinet
BRILLIANT Crystal Clear 11-FACED Rarity - Arkansas Jewelry Point
Brilliant Large Tabular 8-Faced Arkansas Rock Crystal
Brilliant Quartz Clusters on Heart Shaped Drusy Crystal Plate, Small Cabinet
Cabinet Arkansas Golden Healer Quartz Cluster, TWO Right-Handed Points
Cabinet Sized, Gem Grade Deeply Lavender Rose Quartz Rare Rough, California
Cadet Blue Arkansas Phantom Cluster - Large Cabinet B06-122
California Gem Lavender Rose Quartz Rough Triangle
Celadon/Tan Chlorite Phantoms to Clear Arkansas Thumbnail Point
CHARMED LIFE with Elephant - Pin of Arkansas Rock Crystal, Carved Bone, Citrine, Pre-Embargo Coral, Jade, Copal
CHARMED LIFE with FROG - Pin- Arkansas Green Chlorite Point, Fancy Jasper, Moss Agate, Antique Soochow Jade
CHARMED LIFE with Rabbits - Pin of Arkansas Rock Crystal, Carved Mali Wood and Bone, Smoky Topaz, Leopardskin Jasper, Horn
CHARMED LIFE With Twin Fish - Pin of Arkansas Rock Crystal, Carved Jade Fishes and Chou, Turquoise, Fancy Jasper
CHOU TWIST - Necklace of Gem Grade Natural Arkansas Quartz Crystal, Carved Rose Quartz, Cape Amethyst, and Peridot
Christian Cross Manifestation Crystals
Clear Blue Phantom Crystal Plate Fan Cluster-Large Cabinet
Clear Rock Crystal Plate Cluster, Miniature, Rare Dogtooth Point
Clear/White Arkansas Quartz Crystals
Cluster Bouquet of Doubly-Terminated Arkansas Crystals
Cluster-Topped Green Chlorite Arkansas Phantom Crystal -Thumbnail
Collier Creek Golden Healer 1/2 Burr, Glittering After Calcite Side
CONVERTIBLE HOOPS - Earrings of Matched Natural Arkansas Rock Crystals, African and Chinese Turquoise, RGP
CONVERTIBLE HOOPS - Earrings of Matched Natural Arkansas Rock Crystals, White and Grey Howlite, RGP
COPPERCOLORFLY Brooch - With Arkansas Laser Crystal and Austrian Rhinestones
Crystal Clear Quartz Cluster, Cryptocrystalline Casts, LC
Crystal Cross Formation to Arkansas Golden Healer Cluster, Miniature
Crystal Rarities + Oddities
CUPID - Handmade Red Frame with Custom Wrapped Gem Arkansas Rock Crystals, Cupid and Heart, Bow Golden Charms, Swarovski Red Glass
DEAR HEART - Collar Necklace of Natural Arkansas Rock Crystal, Hand-Cut Aquamarine, Fancy Cut Fluorite, Silvery Freshwater Pearls
DEAR HEART - Drop Earrings of Matched Natural Arkansas Rock Crystals, Facetted Aquamarine, Facetted Tourmaline, Silvery Freshwater Pearls
Dodecahedral Quartz After Pyrite Pseudomorphs, Large Miniature Golden Arkansas Cluster
Double Pale Dream Phantoms, RARE 8h Faced Tabular Crystal
Double White Veil Phantom Arkansas Hera Crystal Point, Red Clay Inclusions
Doubled Filigree Cross Pendant, Arkansas Rock Crystal, Peridot, with Black Velvet Choker
Doubly-Clustered Doubly-Terminated Green/Tan Chlorite AND White Phantom Crystals, Large Cabinet
Doubly-Terminated Arkansas Tabular Faden Quartz Crystal
Doubly-Terminated Laser Crystal, Half-Tab, Rainbows
Doubly-Terminated Quartz Crystal, Manifestion Points
Doubly-Terminated Rare Curved Dogtooth Crystal, Faden Veil
DRESS JEANS - Necklace of Sumptuous Iolite, Natural Arkansas Rock Crystal, Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite, Silver Heart
Drusy Included Iron, Intense Natural Etching, Clear Golden Healer Quartz Cluster
EASE Bracelet - Arkansas Rock Crystal, Carved Carnelian Horses, Carved Black Onyx, Goldstone,Moonstone, Pyrite, Leopardskin Jasper Beads, Vintage Tortoise Glass
Elestial Chlorite Included Dogtooth Quantum Cluster, Miniature
EUREKA Brooch - Natural and Cut Arkansas Rock Crystal, 18k Goldplate
Excellent Arkansas Quartz Crystal Plate Cluster, Small Cabinet
Excellent Drusy Glass Bottom Cluster, Diamond Window Crystal
Excellent Golden-and-White Plate Cluster Featuring Two Rare 8h Faced Crystals
Exceptional Doubly-Terminated Manifestation Crystal
Exceptional Tabular Floater Crystals, Cottony Faden Veils - Arkansas Quartz
Extra Large Cabinet Arkansas Tabular Crystal with Manifestation Cluster
Extra Rare Diamond Window as Sixth Face, Arkansas Quartz Cluster
FACET - Wear As Two Bracelets Or A Choker - Arkansas Rock Crystal, Amethyst, Facetted Smoky Quartz, Dancing Bronze Horse Beads With More
Fancy Natural Green Chlorite Included-Occluded Arkansas Rock Crystal Focal - Earthy, Healing, Glamorous Miniature
Feedback - You Say The Nicest Things
Flamingo Pink Gem Grade Wearable Rose Quartz Rough
FLORABUNDA Pin - Tiny Gem Arkansas Rock Crystal, Swarovski Pastel Glass, Garden Charms
FROGL- Necklace of White Phantom Rock Crystal, Carved Green Aventurine Frog, Antique Soochow Jade and Freshwater Pearls
Frosty Arkansas Triangle Quartz Plate Cluster
Gem Clear Interrupted Growth Hera Crystal
Gem Grade Large Rare Arkansas Smoky Quartz Crystal, Cluster Base
GEM Rock Crystal Arkansas Cluster - Lots of Twins - Miniature
Gem Tabular Natural Smoky Quartz Penetrated Arkansas Point
Glassy Triplet Crystals, Salt and Pepper Blue Phantoms
Glittering Clear Large Point Arkansas Cluster, LC
Golden and Clear Curved Crystal Cluster
Golden Healer Quartz Burr Cluster, Collier Creek
Golden Healer Quartz Points + Clusters
Grand Miniature Chlorite Included Doubly-Terminated Arkansas Crystal
Green Chlorite ET Compound Crystal
Green Chlorite Phantom and Inclusions to Brilliantly Barnacled Rare Dogtooth DT Rock Crystal
Green Chlorite Phantom Clusterette, Doubly-Terminated [Miniature]
Green Chlorite Phantoms, Interrupted Growth, Multi-Terminated Floater Crystal GDT2-19193
Green, White, Tan Chlorite Phantom Quartz Points + Clusters
Green-White-Buff Chlorite Phantoms - Tabular Isis Arkansas Rock Crystal
Handwriting Analysis - A Complete Self-Teaching Guide
Heart-Shaped Quartz Floater Cluster, Arkansas Thumbnail
HEARTS GALORE - Dangle Tassle Earrings - Paired Natural Arkansas Rock Crystals, Blush Jasper, Oxidized Sterling French Wires
HEARTS GALORE - Oxidized Sterling Convertible Hoops with Matched Arkansas Rock Crystals and Pink Leopardskin Jasper Hearts
HEARTS GALORE - Oxidized Sterling Necklace of Matched Natural Arkansas Rock Crystals, Pink Leopardskin Jasper Hearts, Working Sterling Lockets
HEAVEN AND EARTH - Handmade Picture Frame - Denim Pinstriped Papers, Geode Slice, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Goldstone, Golden Stars
Hefty Laser Twin Crystal, Half Clear - Half Cadet Blue Phantom
HEY RED Peeper Keeper/Necklace - Rock Crystal, Deep Red Spectrum of Vintage Glass Beading, Convertible One-Of-Kind
HIGHLIGHT - French Clip of Wirewrapped Arkansas Rock Crystal, Gold Tapestry Trefoil
HOSTESS - Necklace of Super Clear Arkansas Natural Rock Crystals, Gold Infused Red Art Glass Beads, Bold Chain
HYPER-Shiny Two Sided Crystal Plate Cluster, Miniature
IILLUMINATOR Bookmark/Pendulum: Arkansas Rock Crystal, Tourmalines, Jade, Citrine, Pistachio Velvet
Illuminator Pendulum, Bookmark - Rock Crystal Stars
ILLUMINATOR - Harvest Moon Bookmark/Pendulum with Arkansas Rock Crystal, Yellow Opal, Yellow Agate, Antique Soochow Jade, Carnelian, Leopardskin Jasper and Marigold Yellow Velvet
ILLUMINATOR Pendulum, Bookmark - RARE 8h Faced Rock Crystal, Labradorite, Fluorite, Brass Angel, Luxe Velvet
ILLUMINATOR Pendulum, Bookmark - Rock Crystal, Amethyst, Swarovski Crystal, Plum Gold Sexy Lingerie Ribbon
ILLUMINATOR Pendulum/Bookmark - Fire Engine Red Velvet - Quartz Crystal, Red Hair Rutilated Quartz, Black Tourmaline
ILLUMINATOR Pendulum/Bookmark - Hera Rock Crystal, Jewelled Tassels with Peridot, Dumortierite, Amazonite, Turquoise, Jade, Pink Tourmaline
ILLUMINATOR Pendulum/Bookmark - Rainbow Rock Crystal, Platinum Pearl, Goldfill Chain
ILLUMINATOR Pendulum/Bookmark - Rock Crystal, Carved Carnelian Horse, Leopardskin Jasper, Tiger Iron, Pumpkin Velvet
ILLUMINATOR tm - Rose Goddesses Bookmark/Pendulum with Arkansas Rock Crystal, Premium Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, Pearls and Rhodochrosite
ILLUMINATOR tm: Night Sky: Bookmark/Pendulum with Arkansas Rock Crystal
ILLUMINATOR: Bookmark/Pendulum - Sterling Filigree, Enamel, Lovely Rock Crystal, Merlot Velvet
ILLUMINATORtm -Sexy Lingerie Ribbon Rock Crystal Pendulum/Bookmark
Impeccable Rare Natural Tabular Arkansas SMOKY Quartz Crystal, Miniature
IN BLACK AND WHITE - Adjustable Necklace of Tourmalinated Quartz, Faience, Black Wood, Black and White Bone, Leather
Intersecting Heart-ish Arkansas Dark Blue Phantom Crystals, Miniature
Intricate Arkansas Blue Phantom Quartz Quantum Cluster
JAIME Earrings - Paired Natural Doubly-Terminated Rock Crystals, Brass Settings
Jessieville Curved Smoky Quartz Triplet
LACE WING Brooch - Arkanssas Rock Crystal With Rose Quartz Butterfly
Laddered Tabular Twin Faden Crystal Wand, Reverse Scepter
Lapidary Journal, Annual Buyers' Guide, April 1992
Lapidary Journal, April 1991 - Annual Buyers' Guide SOLD
Lapidary Journal, August 1991 SOLD
Lapidary Journal, August 1992
Lapidary Journal, December 1990
Lapidary Journal, December 1991 SOLD
Lapidary Journal, February 1991 SOLD
Lapidary Journal, February 1992
Lapidary Journal, January 1991 SOLD
Lapidary Journal, January 1992
Lapidary Journal, July 1991 SOLD
Lapidary Journal, July 1992
Lapidary Journal, June 1991 SOLD
Lapidary Journal, March 1991 SOLD
Lapidary Journal, March 1992
Lapidary Journal, May 1991 SOLD
Lapidary Journal, May 1992
Lapidary Journal, November 1991 SOLD
Lapidary Journal, November 1992
Lapidary Journal, October 1990
Lapidary Journal, October 1991 SOLD
Lapidary Journal, September 1990
Lapidary Journal, September 1991 SOLD
Lapidary Journal, September 1992
Lapidary Journal, Single Back Issues 1990 and On
Large Arkansas Channeling Crystal, Tabular Riders
Large Arkansas Green Chlorite Phantom Quartz Cluster
Large Arkansas Tabular Crystal, Large White Phantom
Large Arkansas Tabular Isis Hera Crystal, Rainbows
Large Blue Included Mine Fresh Rock Crystal Cluster
Large Cabinet Multi-Directional Arkansas Quartz Cluster
Large Clear Arkansas Quartz Cluster, Naturally Iridescent Tabular Crystals
Large Singing Quartz Crystal Plate Cluster, Active Regrowth
Large Tabular Blue Phantom Elestial: Huge Diamond Window
Large-Cabinet Quartz Cluster of Starbursts, Fresh W06-321
Lithium Included RARE California Lavender Rose Rough, Cabinet Sized
LITTLE STICKS Earrings - Matched Natural Arkansas Rock Crystals with Amethyst, Posted Tops
LITTLE STICKS Earrings - Matched Natural Arkansas Rock Crystals with Moss Agate, Posted Tops
LUCKY BAR H - Brooch with Rock Crystal and Turquoise
LUNA Peeper Keeper/Necklace - Pale Green Carved Jade, Rock Crystal, Onyx, Moonstone, Facetted Topaz Swarovski Glass
Lustrous Milk to Gem Grade Lavender Rose Quartz Rough
Many-Layered and 'Frilled' Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster
Massive XL Cabinet Rare California Lavender Rose Quartz Rough
MAYFLOWER - 37" Long Necklace of Natural Rare Arkansas Dogtooth and Carved Rock Crystal, Copper in Glass Beads, Copper and Glass Beads
MEDALLION- Interchangeable Necklace - Arkansas Rock Crystal, Peridot, Pink Quartz, Cut swarovski Glass
METALLIC COPPER TAPESTRY RIBBON Large Barrette with Wrapped Natural Arkansas Rock Crystal, Rose Red Marble and Golden Beads
MINETTE Necklace - Special Diamond Window Crystal, Antique Soochow Jade, Fluorite Beads, Taupe Suede
Mini Very Clear Rocker Bottom Rainbow Crystal Cluster
Mona Lisa Smile - A Face in an Arkansas Rock Crystal var. White Phantom; Green, Tan, White Chlorite Inclusions
Montgomery Crystal Co's Barrettes - Hair Ornaments with Our Rock Crystals
Montgomery Crystal Co's Bracelets with Our Rock Crystals and Other Semiprecious Stones and Beads
Montgomery Crystal Co's Illuminators tm: Our Rock Crystal Bookmark/Pendulums
Montgomery Crystal Co's Jewelled, Convertible Eyeglass Chains - Peeper Keepers
Montgomery Crystal Co's Necklaces - Combining Our Rock Crystals with Metals and Other Semiprecious Stones and Beads
Montgomery Crystal Co's Rock Crystal Brooches, Some Pins with Other Semiprecious Beads and Stones
Montgomery Crystal Co's Rock Crystal Earrings, Some with Other Semiprecious Beads and Stones
Multi Terminated Triplet Green Chlorite Phantom Arkansas Crystal, WILD Barnacles
Multi-Layered Arkansas Quartz Crystal Ring Cluster, Large Cab
Multi-Plate Cluster with Green Chlorite and SAND Phantoms
Multi-Terminated 9-FACED Natural Arkansas Smoky Quartz Crystal-Miniature
Multi-Terminated Tabular Crystals in Parallel Growth form Natural Heart, Curved
Natural Smoky Quartz - Elestiallated Parallel Growth, Rare from Arkansas S03-1934
Naturally Artistic Black and White LARGE Arkansas Quartz Cluster
Naturally Etched Arkansas Crystal Scepter
Naturally HEART SHAPED Gem Rock Crystal Floater Cluster, Cabinet
Naturally Smoky, Naturally Rare Arkansas HERA Crystal, 10 FACED
NINE Faced Arkansas Rock Crystal Illuminator Pendulum
Non-Quartz Mineral Specimens for Display and Jewelry Making
Nutmeg Orange Iron Phantoms, Arkansas Crystal Plate Cluster LC
Optic 4-Phantom Arkansas Rock Crystal
Optic Gem Grade Twin Smoky Quartz Crystals, A Combined 17 FACES, Rare
Orange and Clear Occluded Drusy Coated Arkansas Quartz Plate
Page 1 - Clear/White Arkansas Rock Crystal Clusters - Also See Page 2
Page 2 - Clear/White Arkansas Rock Crystal Clusters - Also See Page 1
Pale Champagne Multi-Terminated Golden Healer Crystal, Cabinet
Palm-Sized Rare California Lavender Rose Quartz Rough
PARTI Bracelet - Arkansas Rock Crystal, Malachite, Copper Pearls, Facetted Smoky Quartz, Green Tourmalines
PASSAGE - Mixed Metals Post Ears with Arkansas Paired Rock Crystals
PASTEL PLAID - Barrette with Arkansas Rock Crystal and Vintage Flower Buttons
Penetrated Fresh Deep Blue Phantom Quartz Crystals
Petite Tri-Color Green Phantom - Rare Arkansas Needle Rock Crystal
PINK GOLD CHEVRON Tapestry Twill - French Clip with Golden and Arkansas Natural Crystal Tassel
PIROUETTE - Equestrian Theme Wire Beaded Chain Dangle Earrings of Paired Natural Arkansas Rock Crystals, Rose Quartz and Garnet
Plate Bottom, Blue Included Arkansas Crystal Cluster - Big Large Cabinet B06-2305
PLUM CHOCOLATE TAPESTRY Large French Clip, Wirewrapped Natural Arkansas Rock Crystal and Goldstone
PORTS OF CALL - Large French Clip with Arkansas Rock Crystal and Navy and White Checks
PRIZE CATCH - Handmade Jewelled Picture Frame With DETATCHABLE BRACELET - Natural Arkansas Rock Crystals, Rainbow Fluorite, Glass Fishies, Teal Pinstriped Papers
Prophecy Primer Kit
Puffy Rounded Rare Faden Veil Tabular Arkansas Point
Quantum Quartz Cluster with Faden Veils, Miniature
Racing Stripes - Large Arkansas Golden Healer Cluster
Rainbow Tabular ET Crystal Cluster, Elestial Base
Rainbowed South Dakota Rough, Iron Dots
Rare Dogtooth Crystal Triplet, Penetrated Twins - Blue Phantoms
Rare Dogtooth Rock Crystal with Green Chlorite Phantom
Rare Natural Arkansas Smoky Quartz Cluster, Miniature
RARE Quartz Pseudomorphs AND Casts After Pyrite to Arkansas Golden Healer Cluster, Montgomery Crystal Co
Rare Shield Faced Crystals, Arkansas Miniature Quartz Cluster
Rare Tan Chlorite Phantoms, White Titanium Tips - Arkansas Quartz Cluster
RARE WHITE ROOFTOP PHANTOM Doubly-Terminated Rock Crystal Great for Wirewrapping at Montgomery Crystal Co
Recommended Links
Red Clay-Included, Red Iron-Included, Rare Natural Arkansas Smoky Quartz Points, Brilliantwood
Rock Crystal Cluster, Blue Phantom, Faden
Rock Crystal Objets For Home & Giving by Montgomery Crystal Co: Jewelled Picture Frames, Antique Bud Bottles
Rock Crystals Ready-To-Wear by Montgomery Crystal Co
Rock Crystals var. GWINDEL. ARKANSAS.
ROYAL - Violet, Lilac, Gold Braid, Capped Arkansas Rock Crystal - Medium French Clip
SACANDAGA Brooch - Arkansas Quartz Crystal, Antiqued Victorian Style Brass, Garnet, Moss Agate, Fancy Jasper
SACANDAGA Necklace - Natural Arkansas Quartz Crystals, Fancy Jasper, Antiqued Brass Beads and Leaves, 14k Goldfill Chain
SENECA Brooch - Natural Arkansas Rock Crystal, Swarovski Topaz Glass Crystal, Brass and Copper Leaves and Acorn Charm
SERENITY - French Clip 3" with Natural Arkansas Rock Crystal, Geometric Sterling Filigree Diamond Shaped Beads, Silver Ovals
Set of 8 Cut, Tumbled Tourmalines 8 GRAMS - 40 Carats, Brazil - Yummy To Set
Shale Included Arkansas Rainbow Rock Crystal
SHALIMAR - Necklace of Green Chlorite Arkansas Quartz, Chocolate Antique Soochow Jade, Facet Gem Rose Quartz, Rubellite Tourmaline, Sterling Silver
Shining Arkansas Floater Cluster, Manifestation Crystal
Shiny Bright Arkansas Rock Crystal Flattened Burr Cluster
Showy Large Quantum Cluster, Green Chlorite and Rare Irises
Slightly Curved Doubly-Terminated Multi-Layer Dark Green Chlorite Phantom Laser
Small Cabinet Sized Floater Quartz Cluster
SMILE BAR - One Of Kind Arkansas Keyhole Rock Crystal, Mixed Metals Pin
Smoky Quartz Drusy Over Penetrated Diamond Window Tabular Point
SOLD: ADIRONDACK SCALLOP Barrette - Gold Stars, Natural Quartz Crystal, Cream Gold Cranberry Olive Tapestry
SOLD: Arkansas Blue Phantoms in Robust Spray Cluster
SOLD: Arkansas Faden Quartz Floater Crystals, Parallel Growth and Rainbows
SOLD: Bright Blush Pink South Dakota Rough Rose Quartz
SOLD: Brilliantwood - Petrified Wood with Chocolate Smoky Quartz Drusy
SOLD: Crystal Clear Tiny Tabular Arkansas Quartz Cross
SOLD: Day and Night Twin Crystals-White and Rare Arkansas Smoky Quartz
SOLD: Double Layer Freeform Natural Heart, Colorado Botryoidal Fluorite
SOLD: Doubly-Terminated Crystal and Doubly-Terminated PHANTOM - Hens Teeth Blue AND White
SOLD: Doubly-Terminated Rainbow Arkansas Crystal - EIGHT Faces To Each Termination
SOLD: Doubly-Terminated Tabular Stitchmarked Crystal, Pseudocubic Termination
SOLD: Epitome of South Dakota Rose Quartz Rough, Small Cabinet
SOLD: Excellent Ghosted Blue Phantom, Arkansas Companion Crystals
SOLD: EXQUISITE Coniferous Style Arkansas Rock Crystal Cluster
SOLD: Gem Arkansas Smoky Quartz Crystal - Transmitter, Record Keepers
SOLD: Gemmy Apple Green Peridot Crystal
SOLD: Glacial Style Doubly-Terminated Tabular Twin Rock Crystal
SOLD: GLASS BACK Arkansas Rock Crystal Twins Cluster
SOLD: Glittering Stitchmark Trans-Channeling Arkansas Crystal Point
SOLD: HEART OF ROSE QUARTZ - Naturally Shaped, South Dakota
SOLD: Heart Shaped Arkansas BLUE PHANTOM Plate Cluster, Miniature
SOLD: Humor & Whimsy - Fishtail Arkansas Golden Doubly-Terminated Rock Crystal
SOLD: Iron Oxide Dotted Occlusion, South Dakota Rose Quartz
SOLD: Iron Oxide Rind, Fine Naturally Sliced Rose Quartz Rough
SOLD: Lapidary Journal, June 1992
SOLD: Large Cabinet Arkansas Crystal Plate, Cross Formation, Sandstone Ripple
SOLD: Large Gemmy California Lavender Rose Quartz Rough
SOLD: LITTLE ONE Barrette - Beautiful Gem Quartz Crystal, Iridescent Cultured Pearls, French Clip
SOLD: Luminous South Dakota Rose Quartz Rough, Chocolate Iron Inclusions
SOLD: Milk-Striped Spearhead - South Dakota Rose Quartz Rough
SOLD: Miniature Size Deep Golden Healer Cluster, White Quartz Chrysanthemum
SOLD: Multi-Penetrated Little Laser Jewel Crystal
SOLD: Natural Arkansas Blue Phantom Quantum Crystal Cluster, Miniature
SOLD: Pale Pearly Pink Miniature Rough Rose Quartz Pyramid
SOLD: Parcel of RARE Arkansas CLAY Included Quartzes
SOLD: Parcel of Rare California Lavender Rose Quartz Rough
SOLD: Parcel/Hugely Uncommon Iron Included Arkansas Crystals
SOLD: Pink and Green Multi-Terminated Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal Thumbnail
SOLD: Pretty Pink Rose Quartz Miniature, South Dakota
SOLD: Rare Lavender Rose Quartz Rough Natural Triangle, Large Cabinet
SOLD: Rock Crystal Kissing Twins, Rare 8h Faced
SOLD: Smoky Quartz Drusy, Petrified Wood Matrix
SOLD: Sugar Pink Rose Quartz Rough with Two BLACK TOURMALINE Pips - South Dakota
SOLD: Sunburst - Arkansas Golden Healer Floater Cluster, White Titanium Graphics
SOLD: Super-deep Pink South Dakota Rose Quartz, Fresh
SOLD: Top Hat & Tails - Chlorite Dendrite
SOLD: Veiled Sharp Blue Shale Phantom Crystal, Small Pendant Sized
SOLD: WISH CRYSTAL - Diamond Shaped Arkansas Dogtooth Quartz Crystal with Very Rare MANIFESTATION CRYSTAL INSIDE,
SOLD: 10 Cut, Tumbled Tourmalines Totalling 8 Grams - 40 Carats - MultiColored
SOLD: 10-FACED Point, White Arkansas Quartz Cluster
SOLD: A Tabular Cathedral Crystal Cluster, Faden Veils - extremely rare - Arkansas.
SOLD: American Yttrium Fluorite, Hand Cut Rarity
SOLD: Angel Wings - Arkansas Natural Gem Rock Crystal
SOLD: Arkansas Blue Phantom Quartz Cluster with Ghost
SOLD: Arkansas BLUE PHANTOM Quartz Cluster, Miniature
SOLD: Arkansas Blue Phantom, Heart Shaped Abundance Cluster: RARE Thumbnail
SOLD: Arkansas Blue Phantoms [dark shale] on Sandstone Matrix
SOLD: Arkansas Chlorite Phantom DT Crystals with Manifestation Points
SOLD: Arkansas Golden Healer Hera Crystal
SOLD: Arkansas Green Chlorite Phantom Tabular Twinned Crystals
SOLD: Arkansas Hera Trans-Channeling Crystal, Small Cabinet
SOLD: Arkansas Miniature Plate Cluster with a Merlin Crystal, Very Rare
SOLD: Arkansas Multi-Colored Chlorite Phantom Channel
SOLD: Arkansas Pale Golden Healer [shockingly!] Rainbowed Chisel-Faced [rare!] Crystal
SOLD: Arkansas Penetrated Tabular Crystal, Oil Slick Rainbows
SOLD: Arkansas Rock Crystal Cluster of Multiple BLUE and WHITE Phantoms and Rainbows, Miniature
SOLD: Arkansas Rock Crystal Isis Twins
SOLD: Arkansas Rock Crystal, Twinned Blue Phantoms
SOLD: Arkansas Small Cabinet Cluster, Rare White Phantom
SOLD: Arkansas Super Blue, White Capped Phantom Rare Chisel-Faced Point
SOLD: Arkansas TEN FACED Blue Phantom Cathedral Cluster
SOLD: Arkansas Trans-Channeling Crystal, Perfect Point - Small Cabinet
SOLD: Arkansas Twin Crystals, A Double Blue Phantom/A Blue Included
SOLD: Big South Dakota Rose Quartz Rough, Full Color
SOLD: BIMINI Clips - Rock Crystals, Ammonites, Tiger Eye, Copal, Pyrite, Brass, Horn
SOLD: Botryoidal Bi-Colored Rare Yttrium Fluorite Miniature
SOLD: Botryoidal Colorado Lavender Yttrium Fluorite Slice
SOLD: Botryoidal Yttrium Fluorite Slice, Colorado Miniature
SOLD: Brilliant Arkansas Cluster of Doubly-Terminated Crystals
SOLD: Brilliant Dark Golden Healer Plate Cluster, Arkansas
SOLD: Brilliant Quartz Cluster on Matrix, 7 Uncommon 7h Faced Points
SOLD: Brilliantwood
SOLD: Cabinet Arkansas Rock Crystal Laser, A+ plus Manifestation Point
SOLD: California Closed Mine Lavender Rose Quartz Rough
SOLD: CECE Clips - Matched Arkansas Rock Crystals, Vintage Rhinestones
SOLD: CHIC - Jewelled Picture Frame PAIR - Antique Facetted Rhinestones and Beads, Natural Rock Crystals
SOLD: Choice Doubly-Terminated Arkansas Green/Tan Chlorite Phantom Rock Crystal
SOLD: Chubby Glyph Quartz Crystal, Ingrown Twin
SOLD: Classic Crystal Clear Penetrated Point, White Phantom
SOLD: Classic Rainbowed Arkansas Rock Crystal Plate Cluster, Curved Base
SOLD: Classic Thumbnail, Veryveryvery Rare, Step-Faced White Abundance Cluster
SOLD: Clear Diamond Window Interrupted Growth Point, White Phantom
SOLD: Colorado Botryoidal Yttrium Fluorite - Partially Cut
SOLD: Colorado Yttrium Fluorite Slab, Rare Botryoidal Growth Habit
SOLD: Crescent Shaped Arkansas Plate Cluster Sparkles - Clear Green Chlorite Phantoms
SOLD: Darling Personally-Sized Arkansas Plate Cluster, Small Cabinet
SOLD: Deep Green Chlorite 'Butterfly' Inclusion, Arkansas Warrior Small Pendant Point
SOLD: Delicate White Phantoms, Clear Stitchmark Arkansas Cluster
SOLD: Desirably Pink Natural Rose Quartz Rough, Lapidary
SOLD: Dishy Large Arkansas Plate Cluster
SOLD: Doubly-Terminated Green Chlorite Arkansas Phantom - Cathedral AND Castle Ends
SOLD: EASE Bracelet - Rock Crystal, Carved Carnelian Horses, Carved Black Onyx, Goldstone,Moonstone, Pyrite, Leopardskin Jasper Beads, Vintage Tortoise Glass
SOLD: Elestial, Parallel Growth Arkansas Winged Doubly-Terminated Crystal, Miniature
SOLD: Ethereal Seascape Arkansas Rock Crystal LASER Cluster
SOLD: Excellent Doubly-Terminated Diamond Windows Rainbow Crystal Cluster
SOLD: Exceptional Arkansas Blue Phantom Burr Cluster, Extremely Rare
SOLD: Extraordinary Fine Blue Phantom Abundance Cluster, Miniature
SOLD: Extremely Rare Abundance Cluster, Arkansas Thumbnail
SOLD: Gem Clear Large Cabinet Arkansas Cluster with True DOW Crystal
SOLD: Gem Deep Pink Natural Rose Quartz Rough Slab
SOLD: Gem Grade Lapidary-Worthy Very Pink South Dakota Rose Quartz Rough
SOLD: GEM GRADE Rainbow South Dakote Rose Quartz Rough - Lapidary
SOLD: Gem Pink South Dakota Rose Quartz Rough, Rainbows
SOLD: Gleaming Rainbow South Dakota Rose Quartz Rough, Cabinet Size
SOLD: Gleaming Yellow and White Arkansas Golden Healer Quartz Cluster
SOLD: Glittering Golden Healer Crystal with Foils and Drusy
SOLD: Golden and White Plate Cluster with Many 7h Faced Crystals
SOLD: Golden Healer Channel Crystal
SOLD: Golden Healer Channel, Round 2d Generation Quartzes
SOLD: Golden Healer Hera Transmitter Crystal, Small Cabinet
SOLD: Golden Healer Laser Crystal Cluster, Charcoal Sandstone Matrix, Small Cabinet
SOLD: Golden Healer Manifestation Crystal, Arkansas - Large Cabinet
SOLD: GOLDEN HEALER Rock Crystal Cluster Plus Extra Iron
SOLD: Golden Healer Self-Healed Arkansas Crystal Point, Record Keeper
SOLD: Gorgeous ROSE QUARTZ ROUGH - Natural South Dakota
SOLD: Graphic Pale Yellow Golden Healer Rock Crystal Cluster, Sandstone Matrix
SOLD: GREEN CHLORITE PHANTOMS, Isis Doubly-Terminated Arkansas Crystall
SOLD: Green/White Chlorite "X" Crystal Formation
SOLD: Handsome Arkansas Laser Crystal Cluster, Triangular Sandstone Matrix
SOLD: Heart-Shaped Cluster Bouquet of Arkansas Crystals
SOLD: Honey Golden Healer Cluster, Big Isis Faced Point
SOLD: Honey Golden Healer Quartz Cluster - Freeform Heart
SOLD: Horn of Plenty - BRILLIANTwood, Smoky Quartz Over Petrified Wood
SOLD: Huge Record Keepers Skeletal Triple Twin Set, Large Cabinet Sized
SOLD: ILLUMINATOR Bookmark, Pendulum - Ultra Rare A PLUS Grade, 8 Faced Rock Crystal, Tourmalines, Jade, Citrine, Pistachio Velvet
SOLD: ILLUMINATOR Pendulum, Bookmark - Rock Crystal, Carved Carnelian Horse, Leopardskin Jasper, Tiger Iron, Pumpkin Velvet
SOLD: ILLUMINATOR: Bookmark/Pendulum - Sterling Filigree, Enamel, Lovely Rock Crystal, Merlot Velvet, Garnet, Red Jade, Hearts
SOLD: Intergrown Tabular Doubly-Terminated Arkansas Green Chlorite Crystals
SOLD: Isis Crystal on Dark Blue Shale Included Quartz
SOLD: Isis-Faced Arkansas Green Chlorite PHANTOM Point
SOLD: Lacy Shale Blue Phantoms to Arkansas Quantum Cluster
SOLD: Lapidary Journal, December 1992
SOLD: Lapidary Journal, November 1990
SOLD: Lapidary Journal, October 1992 - The Bead Annual
SOLD: Large Arkansas Quartz Cluster: Nine-Faced Rarity, Diamond Windows
SOLD: Large Rainbow Tabular Arkansas Golden Healer Hera Crystal
SOLD: LAUGHING ESPRESSO - BRILLIANTWOOD - Chocolate Tones of Smoky Quartz Drusy on Petrified Wood
SOLD: Lovely Isis Faced Tabular Golden Healer Hera Crystal
SOLD: Lovely Modern HEART SHAPED Natural Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster
SOLD: Luminous Rare Lavender Rose Quartz Rough
SOLD: LUNA Peeper Keeper Necklace - Pale Green Carved Jade, Rock Crystal, Onyx, Moonstone, Facetted Topaz Swarovski
SOLD: Mamillary Clay Base, Castled Blue Ghosted Blue Phantom Cluster
SOLD: Mine 'Fresh', Tall Clear and Milk Quartz Cluster
SOLD: Miniature Cluster, Large Manifestation Crystal, Arkansas
SOLD: Multi-Directional Arkansas Golden Healer Plate, 'Floating' Doubly-Terminated Crystals
SOLD: Multi-Directional Green Chlorite Included Arkansas Mini Cathedral Quartz Cluster
SOLD: Multi-Layer Heart Shaped Rainbow Elestial - Arkansas - Cabinet Sized
SOLD: Multi-Terminated Penetrated Green Phantom Crystal, Rainbow
SOLD: Natural Botryoidal Yttrium Fluorite Slice - Colorado USA
SOLD: NATURAL FREEFORM ROSE QUARTZ HEART - Multi Pinks in South Dakota Rose Quartz Rough
SOLD: Natural Heart: Scilicified Wood, Smoky Quartz Drusy
SOLD: Naturally Iridescent Multi-Pink Rose Quartz Rough, Large Cabinet
SOLD: Neatly Cut Yttrium Botryoidal Fluorite Slab - Colorado
SOLD: NINE-Faced Clear Channel Point, Arkansas Hera
SOLD: Orange Tabular, Black Brookite Blades to Arkansas Rock Crystal
SOLD: Penetrated Laser Rock Crystal Cluster
SOLD: Penetrated, Naturally Etched Arkansas Blue Phantoms
SOLD: Petite Pristine Doubly-Terminated Green Chlorite Phantom Crystals
SOLD: Pinecone - Golden Healer Burr Cluster, Striped Frosted Crystals - Outstanding Cabinet Size
SOLD: Powerful A Grade Arkansas Laser Crystal
SOLD: Powerful LASER Quartz Crystal - Arkansas Green Chlorite PHANTOM
SOLD: Pristine Rarities - Natural Rock Crystal Trio of Points
SOLD: Rainbow Arkansas Rock Crystal Cluster, Miniature Sized- Giant Energy
SOLD: Rainbow Floater - Arkansas Crystal Plate Cluster
SOLD: RARE Botryoidal Translucent Yttrium Fluorite, USA
SOLD: Rare To Location Brookite Blade in Arkansas Quartz Cluster
SOLD: RARE, Red Clay Included Tabular Doubly-Terminated Arkansas Quartz Crystal
SOLD: Really Rose GEMMY South Dakota Rose Quartz Rough
SOLD: RED Golden Healer Arkansas Rock Crystal Cluster
SOLD: Red Golden Tabular Rock Crystal
SOLD: Richly Lavender Rose Quartz Rough, Cabinet
SOLD: Rose Quartz Cubed - Natural South Dakota Rough
SOLD: Showy Arkansas Rock Crystal Cluster, Rainbow Foils, Cabinet Sized
SOLD: SILK CLIPS Earrings - RED RED Table Cut Facetted Glass Stones, Real Rock Crystals
SOLD: South Dakota Candy Pink Rose Quartz Rough
SOLD: South Dakota Gemmy Standing Rose Quartz Rough, Miniature
SOLD: South Dakota Rose Quartz Rough, Cabinet, Lapidary Potential
SOLD: Sparkling Arkansas Crystal Cluster, Sandstone Matrix
SOLD: Sparkling Jewelry Quality Alabama Brilliantwood
SOLD: Standing Arkansas Tabular Chisel Crystal
SOLD: Super Translucent Lavender Yttrium Fluorite, USA, Hand Cut
SOLD: SWEET Rose Quartz Nugget Rough - South Dakota Natural
SOLD: Tabular Doubly-Terminated Arkansas Golden Healer, Iris
SOLD: Tangerine Golden Healer Crystal Cluster, Arkansas
SOLD: Tangerine Twin Golden Healer Cluster
SOLD: TOUJOURS Barrette - Rainbow Veils Rock Crystal, Peach Iridescent Cultured Pearls, Silver Hearts and Rice Beads
SOLD: Translucent Bi-Colored Botryoidal American Fluorite, Miniature
SOLD: Ultra-Rare Arkansas Abundance Cluster with Manifestation Crystal
SOLD: Very Botryoidal Yttrium Fluorite, Miniature
SOLD: Very Clear Amethyst Quartz Cluster WITH Goethite, Smoky Quartz, and TINY Calcite Dribble, Rainbows
SOLD: Very Rainbowed Arkansas Rock Crystal Cluster - Small Cabinet Sized
SOLD: Very Rare Yttrium Fluorite Harvested In A Natural Heart Shape
SOLD: VIBRANT Miniature Arkansas Quartz Cluster Sits Up 5 Ways
South Dakota Rose Quartz Rough, Rare Closed-Mine California Lavender Rose Quartz Rough
SPARKLING Arkansas Quartz Plate Cluster - Miniature
Sparkling Magenta and Blue Liddicoatite Tourmaline Slice, Madagascar Gem
Sparkling Multi-Terminated - Many Penetrators Arkansas Rock Crystal
SPECTATOR - Double Strand Necklace of Natural Arkansas Rock Crystal, Crazy Lace Agate, White Howlite, Black Onyx, Black Glass
Spoken For - The Archives Of SOLD Crystals, Clusters, Rough....
Stately XL Cabinet Rare California Gemmy Lavender Rose Quartz Rough
Super Clear 9 Faced Rainbow 5.75" DT Crystal
Superb Reverse Scepter, Arkansas Floater Crystal Cluster TN
Supersized Arkansas Doubly-Terminated Rock Crystal, Twin Tips
SUSANS 171 - Choker Necklace of One of Kind Arkansas Natural Rock Crystal, Coral [Antique Pre-Embargo], Turquoise, Copal, Delica Beads
SWING - Posted Earrings of Matched Natural Arkansas Rock Crystals, Matte Black Onyx and Hematite
Tabular Doubly-Terminated Arkansas Crystal, Big Iris Permanent Rainbow
Tabular Green/Tan Chlorite Phantom Twin with Reverse Scepter, Miniature
Tabular Rock Crystals, Arkansas Cluster
TAG - Large Butterfly Pin with Arkansas Rainbow Rock Crystal and Swarovski Glass
Tall Elegant Grade A Arkansas Channel Faced Rock Crystal with Uncommon 7h Face, Miniature
Tall Tabular ELEVEN-Faced VERY Rare Arkansas Rock Crystal
Tan Chlorite Included Arkansas Crystal Quantum Floater
Tan Chlorite Phantom, Rare Irises, Arkansas Tabular Hera Crystal
TAYLOR HOOP Earrings - Paired Natural Arkansas Rock Crystals, Green Aventurine, Rolled Goldplate Metals
Ted Andrews' How To Develop and Use Psychic Touch
The Black and White Gingham - Convertible Necklace/Peeper Keeper - Rock Crystal, Hand Made Black and White Porcelain, Vintage Black Glass Beads
The Buyer's Guide
The Joy Of Reflexology
The Life And Death Of A Druid Prince
The Monthly Issues of Lapidary Journal, 1991, SOLD OUT
The Monthly Issues of Lapidary Journal, 1992
THE NATURAL - Long Necklace of Carved Bone, Rock Crystal Beads, Picture Jasper Fetish Animal and Shaped Beads
THE PATRICIAN BROOCH - Sparkling Arkansas Rock Crystal Cluster, Freshwater Pearls, Fancy-Cut Fluorite
The Point Is - Archive of Notes & Observations at Montgomery Crystal Co
Thumbnail Green Chlorite Phantom, Rainbow Foil Point
TIGER TIGER Peeper Keeper Convertible Necklace - Tiger Eye, Cocoa Antique Soochow Jade, Horn, Carved Bone Basketweave Beading
To The Trade
TOUJOURS - 3" French Clip with Natural Arkansas Rock Crystal, Geometric Sterling Filigree Heart Beads, Silver Ovals
TRIANGLE Choker - Arkansas Iron-Included Rock Crystal, Red Aventurine, Brass Triangle Beads, Handmade Ceramic Beads
Trinity - Big Quartz Crystal Plate Cluster
Triquetra: Arkansas Quantum Crystal Cluster - Thumbnail
TRULY - Handmade Picture Frame - Natural Arkansas Rock Crystal, Swarovski Glass Rondelles, Vintage Golden Hearts, Pine Grosgrain
TURQ - 26" Necklace of Rare Arkansas Natural Smoky Quartz Crystal, Smoky Quartz, Antique Soochow Jade, African Turquoise, Sterling Silver #01A311
TURQ, Long - Very Long Rosary Link Necklace of Natural Arkansas Rock crystal, Smoky Quartz, Antique Soochow Jade, Red Jade, African Turquoise and Antiqued Sterling and Fine Silver Beads
TUTTI FRUITI Peeper Keeper Convertible Necklace - Highly Colored Vintage Pressed and Moulded Glass with Rock Crystal Beads
Twin-Tip Dogtooth Faden Host, Rainbow Quartz Crystals
UP - One of Kind Long Necklace of Very Rare Natural Arkansas Rock Crystal Cross with Healing Green Chlorite, African and Chinese Turquoises, Blue Dumortierite, Navy Sodalite, Jade, Faience
Upright Deep Golden Clear Cluster, Rare Casts After Pyrite, Large Miniature
Very Gemmy Very Large Cabinet Rare California Lavender Rose Quartz Rough
Vibrant Arkansas Blue Phantom Cluster
VICTORIAN FLORAL - Handmade Jewelled Picture Frame with Arkansas Natural Rock Crystals and Cluster, Lampwork Rose Beads, 18k Goldplate and Brass Charms, Swarovski Rhinestones
WHAT GOES AROUND - Wear As TWO Bracelets Or Choker - Arkansas Rock Crystal, Chinese Turquoise, Yellow Jade, Fancy Jasper, Faience, Bone, Metal Charms
White Phantoms [Rare], Sand Included Quartz Floater Cluster
White, Chlorite Phantom Quartz Floater Cluster, Cabinet Sized
WILDEST DREAMS - Handmade Light Maple Frame With Arkansas Doubly-Terminated Crystal and Good Luck Charms
WINGED RARITY - Long 7" Dogtooth Arkansas Rock Crystal
Wonderful 8-Edged Channel Faced [Rare] Arkansas Crystal, Uncommon 7h Faced, Small Cabinet
WOW Necklace - Large Arkansas Natural Rock Crystal, Antique Chocolate Soochow Jade, Copal, Botswana Agate
X Marks The Spot: Arkansas Quartz Cluster
XL- 27" Necklace of A Natural Arkansas Rock Crystal, Jewellers Brass Wrap and Self-Clasp, Black and Cream Heavy Designer Cording
Your Choice of TITIAN Barrette - French Clip with Arkansas Golden Healer or Clear Rock Crystal and Freshwater Pearls