Montgomery Crystal Co's Illuminators tm: Our Rock Crystal Bookmark/Pendulums

Montgomery Crystal Co's Illuminators tm:  Our Rock Crystal Bookmark/Pendulums
Mark your place - or find your place - with our rock crystals combined into bookmarks which are also amazingly accurate pendulums.

Each One The Only

NINE Faced Arkansas Rock Crystal Illuminator Pendulum
ILLUMINATOR Pendulum/Bookmark - Rainbow Rock Crystal, Platinum Pearl, Goldfill Chain
ILLUMINATOR Pendulum, Bookmark - RARE 8h Faced Rock Crystal, Labradorite, Fluorite, Brass Angel, Luxe Velvet
IILLUMINATOR Bookmark/Pendulum: Arkansas Rock Crystal, Tourmalines, Jade, Citrine, Pistachio Velvet
Illuminator  Pendulum, Bookmark - Rock Crystal Stars
ILLUMINATOR Pendulum/Bookmark - Hera Rock Crystal, Jewelled Tassels with Peridot, Dumortierite, Amazonite, Turquoise, Jade, Pink Tourmaline
ILLUMINATORtm -Sexy Lingerie Ribbon Rock Crystal Pendulum/Bookmark
ILLUMINATOR tm: Night Sky:  Bookmark/Pendulum with Arkansas Rock Crystal
ILLUMINATOR Pendulum, Bookmark - Rock Crystal, Amethyst, Swarovski Crystal, Plum Gold Sexy Lingerie Ribbon
ILLUMINATOR: Bookmark/Pendulum - Sterling Filigree, Enamel, Lovely Rock Crystal, Merlot Velvet
ILLUMINATOR Pendulum/Bookmark - Fire Engine Red Velvet - Quartz Crystal, Red Hair Rutilated Quartz, Black Tourmaline
ILLUMINATOR tm - Rose Goddesses Bookmark/Pendulum with Arkansas Rock Crystal, Premium Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, Pearls and Rhodochrosite
ILLUMINATOR Pendulum/Bookmark - Rock Crystal, Carved Carnelian Horse, Leopardskin Jasper, Tiger Iron, Pumpkin Velvet
ILLUMINATOR - Harvest Moon Bookmark/Pendulum with Arkansas Rock Crystal, Yellow Opal, Yellow Agate, Antique Soochow Jade, Carnelian, Leopardskin Jasper and Marigold Yellow Velvet