Montgomery Crystal Co's Necklaces - Combining Our Rock Crystals with Metals and Other Semiprecious Stones and Beads

Montgomery Crystal Co's Necklaces - Combining Our Rock Crystals with Metals and Other Semiprecious Stones and Beads
Designed and assembled here by hand in our studio, our necklaces combine our rock crystals with metals and other semiprecious stones.

If you'd like a different color combo, length, or multiples of a style, please email. Expect custom work to add 5-7 working days to shipping of your order.

Each One The Only

WOW Necklace - Large Arkansas Natural Rock Crystal, Antique Chocolate Soochow Jade, Copal, Botswana Agate
SHALIMAR - Necklace of Green Chlorite Arkansas Quartz, Chocolate Antique Soochow Jade, Facet Gem Rose Quartz, Rubellite Tourmaline, Sterling Silver
FROGL- Necklace of White Phantom Rock Crystal, Carved Green Aventurine Frog, Antique Soochow Jade and Freshwater Pearls
MINETTE Necklace - Special Diamond Window Crystal, Antique Soochow Jade, Fluorite Beads, Taupe Suede
TRIANGLE Choker - Arkansas Iron-Included Rock Crystal, Red Aventurine, Brass Triangle Beads, Handmade Ceramic Beads
MAYFLOWER - 37" Long Necklace of Natural Rare Arkansas Dogtooth and Carved Rock Crystal, Copper in Glass Beads, Copper and Glass Beads
CHOU TWIST - Necklace of Gem Grade Natural Arkansas Quartz Crystal, Carved Rose Quartz, Cape Amethyst, and Peridot
HEARTS GALORE - Oxidized Sterling Necklace of Matched Natural Arkansas Rock Crystals, Pink Leopardskin Jasper Hearts, Working Sterling Lockets
HOSTESS - Necklace of Super Clear Arkansas Natural Rock Crystals, Gold Infused Red Art Glass Beads, Bold Chain
DRESS JEANS - Necklace of Sumptuous Iolite, Natural Arkansas Rock Crystal, Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite, Silver Heart
UP - One of Kind Long Necklace of Very Rare Natural Arkansas Rock Crystal Cross with Healing Green Chlorite, African and Chinese Turquoises, Blue Dumortierite, Navy Sodalite, Jade, Faience
BEAUTY SPOT - Butterfly Choker -  Necklace of a Natural Arkansas Quartz Crystal, Purple Pink Rose Lampwork, Jewel Tone Swarovski Facetted Glass
SUSANS 171 - Choker Necklace of One of Kind Arkansas Natural Rock Crystal, Coral [Antique Pre-Embargo], Turquoise, Copal, Delica Beads
TURQ, Long - Very Long Rosary Link Necklace of Natural Arkansas Rock crystal, Smoky Quartz, Antique Soochow Jade, Red Jade, African Turquoise and Antiqued Sterling and Fine Silver Beads
TURQ - 26" Necklace of Rare Arkansas Natural Smoky Quartz Crystal, Smoky Quartz, Antique Soochow Jade, African Turquoise, Sterling Silver  #01A311
SACANDAGA Necklace - Natural Arkansas Quartz Crystals, Fancy Jasper, Antiqued Brass Beads and Leaves, 14k Goldfill Chain
THE NATURAL - Long Necklace of Carved Bone, Rock Crystal Beads, Picture Jasper Fetish Animal and Shaped Beads
IN BLACK AND WHITE - Adjustable Necklace of Tourmalinated Quartz, Faience, Black Wood, Black and White Bone, Leather
XL- 27" Necklace of A Natural Arkansas Rock Crystal, Jewellers Brass Wrap and Self-Clasp, Black and Cream Heavy Designer Cording
SPECTATOR - Double Strand Necklace of Natural Arkansas Rock Crystal, Crazy Lace Agate, White Howlite, Black Onyx, Black Glass
ACE Collar - Premium Arkansas Tabular Rock Crystal, Carved Jet Warhorse; Rock Crystal, Golden Rutile, Smoky Quartz, Leopardskin Jasper, Pyrite, Hematite, Antique Soochow Jade
MEDALLION- Interchangeable Necklace - Arkansas Rock Crystal, Peridot, Pink Quartz, Cut swarovski Glass
DEAR HEART - Collar Necklace of  Natural Arkansas Rock Crystal, Hand-Cut Aquamarine, Fancy Cut Fluorite, Silvery Freshwater Pearls
Doubled Filigree Cross Pendant, Arkansas Rock Crystal, Peridot, with Black Velvet Choker
BEACH TASSEL Necklace - Arkansas Rock Crystal, Sea Shells, Metallicized Leather