The Point Is - Archive of Notes & Observations at Montgomery Crystal Co

The Point Is - Archive of Notes & Observations at Montgomery Crystal Co
8 December 22: Adorned with racing stripes! Large cabinet, self-displaying Arkansas golden healer quartz cluster chosen for you gives the impression of movement - or is it just you? # G06-13448!

We are happy to also do the gift wrapping for you, no charge.

Recommended send-by dates for expected delivery before December 25 Domestic Mail Class/Product Date (excluding Alaska & Hawaii) USPS Retail Ground® Service

Dec. 17 First-Class Mail® Service Dec. 17 Priority Mail® Service Dec. 19 Priority Mail Express® Service2 Dec. 23

See the USPS site for the rest of the holiday ship-by dates worldwide. Or make your gifts all New Year's presents....

08 December 22: UP - A One of Kind Long Necklace of VERY Rare Natural Arkansas Rock Crystal Cross with Healing Green Chlorite, African and Chinese Turquoises, Blue Dumortierite, Navy Sodalite, Jade,Hematite, Faience and elevating energy is an excellent choice for gifting. 01A51

01 December 22: Multi-use gifts are sure to be loved. Even if your intendeds aren't mineral collectors, they will enjoy our Illuminators tm as bookmarks AND accurate pendulums, too! Who knows - a collection could start and you're in the right place. Shown is 18C111, The Night Sky Illuminator tm.

Recommended send-by dates for expected delivery before December 251 Domestic Mail Class/Product Date (excluding Alaska & Hawaii) USPS Retail Ground® Service

Dec. 17 First-Class Mail® Service Dec. 17 Priority Mail® Service Dec. 19 Priority Mail Express® Service2 Dec. 23

See the USPS site for the rest of the holiday ship-by dates worldwide. Or make your gifts all New Year's presents....

22 November 22: We didn't die yet, so we must be getting stronger - and able to move 'mountains' of crystals for you for the holidays...Get the Big Twins and Twins cluster [# W08-09] to cozy up to!

17 November 22: *Notice* We have been attending to a family tragedy and are back now, later than we had expected but sick to our no new updates this week, but rest assured your orders are bring filled as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience!

If something makes your heart sing, that tells you you’re headed toward your True North. # 0240, the Sacandaga Brooch is a prime choice!

01 November 22: Courtesy Judith Ryan, Astrologer -It’s an extremely emotional time starting 10 days and until all Solar and Lunar eclipses. Emotions run rampant for just about everyone. So don’t follow the herd. This is NOT the time for irrational confrontations or to making your demands known. You can lose out big time, if you do.

Whatever your normal pattern is, stick with it. No, you don’t have to become neurotic, but don’t stray from your usual way of doing things. A good example is: you drive to work a certain way every day. It’s prior to an eclipse and you decide to go another route. You get a flat tire. Your cell phone doesn’t work, so you can’t call for help. To top it off, cars splash mud all over you. The eclipse has struck! You strayed from the normal.

Let’s say you take the normal way and you still get a flat tire. However, a limo pulls over, the driver gets out, fixes your tire, and the occupant in the car offers you an executive position in his company. You stayed with the normal and got a blessing.

So if you buy lottery tickets every day at the corner grocery store, don’t stop buying them. You could be a big winner. However, don’t fly off to Vegas because you feel lucky.

Good things can and do occur surrounding eclipses. The key is though, you can’t go out and seek them. Follow your regular path.

Lunar Eclipse November 8 2022 16 Taurus 1° 6:02 am US Eastern Time We are here to send your 'regular' orders.

25 October 22: What is rare, more rare, and truly rare? Send for 18c-CDT1329 and find out!

18 October 22: Arkansas rock crystal and smoky quartz and malachite hearts and more, o my! #01B19!

It's getting close to Christmas, too.

11 October 22: Shown is a a miniature of grand features including phantoms, growth craters, a technicolor iris and greens and umbers which don't fade with the seasons. GDT2-19193 is a lovely addition to gift or to add to your own collection!

4 October 22: Exquisite. Rare form: burr clusters have crystals all the way around. Fabulous clarity. Devic and white titanium veils. Many crystals doubly-, multi-terminated. More than several crystals with uncommon 7h faces. Step faces [rare], extra prism faces. Rainbows, record keepers, a stand of points. 18b-W0651.

It's getting close to Christmas, too.

27 September 22: A world of categories exists in the most unusual 'Butterfly' Arkansas rock crystal cluster shown below! Get it and its' phenomenal energy home so that you can bask and learn. WT07-65

20 September 22: We do, of course, read other peoples' ads. And we marvel at how they get soupily descriptive when there are fewer and more accurate trade sizing demarcations. A crystal or cluster is called: Thumbnail to +/- 1-1/4"; Miniature to +/- 2-1/2"; Small Cabinet to +/- 3"; Cabinet +/- 4"; Large Cabinet 4" +. Now you know.

Perfectly balanced by 25mm antique Soochow jade beads and copal, yellow jade and Botswana agate beads, the WOW necklace features a slightly and alluringly curved tabular Arkansas rock crystal of SEVEN [7] inches - Large Cabinet sized - the yet nearly weightless when worn. Highly protective, and one of kind. Order # 01A57.

13 September 22: Back-to-school time! How great to be able to add to what you know, and for us to pointedly encourage your childrens' and your own interests.

We've correctly named names and attributes and anomalies so you can use "The Buyer's Guide" to pick your favorites and learn about rarities. If you don't see the ones you want onsite, shoot us an email so we can see who's available for you.

06 September 22: Have you noticed the days getting shorter already? You can celebrate that yet add a little light wherever you go - pin on the Seneca and glow! [#0250]

30 August 22: What's inside remarkably clear #18n-21575? A prized and rare white phantom! A smile in the right place for you, from Arkansas' rock crystal mines.

23 August 22: There can be up to a THOUSAND - 1,000! - points in one pound of rock crystals. We choose whole heaping flats of pounds and pounds in Arkansas, drive them back, wash, sort for size and grade and PAIR them for everything from their main faces down. You will see and feel the difference. # 22ST42 for the hoops, # 01ST44 for the amazing necklace with its' own pair and working sterling lockets.

16 August 22: A real fine family of Arkansas rock crystals with rarities, Y03-1370 is a golden healer cluster to fit your collecting lust.

3/9 August 22: In the days of the Greek and Roman Empires, people carried rock crystals with them in hot weather because, as the name suggests*, they helped them to stay cool. So BE cool and send for yours now. Because they were right.

*Crystallos" means "Ice". WDT2-19198 and WTDT4-1150 shown.

26 July 22: Starting to go visiting? Needing to send a housewarming present? Someone taking up a new sport [go fish!]?

Get the PRIZE CATCH frame [# 339], which comes with its' own detachable bracelet - reel in the compliments!

19 July 22: Montgomery Crystal Co is so named as this is the county in Arkansas where the most forthright rock crystals and clusters on the planet are found - best natural formations, best energy. We've always been surprised that no one took the name before we did 32 years ago.

And our tagline "Each One The Only One" tm reminds you that while crystals may look similar, as you do in a group of other people, each one is very different. We are ever conscious of this when we pair points for earrings for you!

Of course, the green chlorite cluster shown below is matchless - a showpiece a little too big to wear, but valuable 'jewelry' for your place. G06-1910.

5 July 22: Feel good/look even better with our selection of handmade, jewelled barrettes! Need more than one of a style? We're happy to oblige! Order from this page of the store:

26 June 22: It's great to have some weather good enough to be outside! But get yourself a permanently tan phantom Arkansas rock crystal with natural and rich included chlorite instead of risking your own skins! Soothing and protective when you come back inside. Choose from the page -

21 June 22: June solstice marks the longest day north of the equator and the shortest day in the south. Today, 21June! Since the Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun in June, it receives more sunlight during the course of a day. The North Pole's tilt toward the Sun is greatest at the solstice, so this event marks the longest day of the year north of the equator.

This effect is greatest in locations that are farther away from the equator. In tropical areas, the longest day is just a little longer than 12 hours; in the temperate zone, it is significantly longer; and places within the Arctic Circle experience Midnight Sun or polar day, when the Sun does not set at night.

14 June 22: In case you're new here - or if you've forgotten - the members of your orders will choose a 'travelling companion' to bring with them to you [our gift]. This may delay shipping a bit as they know whom they want to bring, but we are sometimes a little slow on the uptake.

Note that if you are sending a gift directly from here, the 'companion' will come to you, for you. Fun for us, extra value for you!

7 June 22: Are you having fun yet? Pin on our 'Smile Bar' - and only one of you can, unless you lend it - and soak up good humor. Smiles are the very best kind of contagious! [#0232]

31 May 22: Get Dressed! Or just show up in our Bimini Clips. Knock their socks off.

BIMINI CLIPS - Earrings of Matched, Wirewrapped Natural Arkansas Rock Crystals, Ammonites, Copal, Tiger's Eye, Horn, Pyrite by Montgomery Crystal Co, #22A51.

24 May 22: We are still regrouping after having had a computer with no backup crash, the total loss of SEVEN years of work and records, our phone line severed, and our owner landing with a trifecta of injuries.

So it's almost fortuitous that Mercury's retrograde now [more or less direct June 3], to go back to go forward.

We highly recommend that you, too, get a lavender rose quartz rough to help you balance and chart your own next moves when the skies clear.

17 May 22: It's finally springy out. Time to box up the turtlenecks and show your own neck. Grace it with our red-iron included Arkansas rock crystal and red aventurine choker, your new favorite. 01A20 is its' style number.

5 April 22: We are reading [on pinterest] so many of the most most far-fetched things about rock crystals and their care, that we are just nauseated. Yes! there are perfectly clear crystals NOT grown with a grey core - and what location has those if they exist? And NO! salt won't scratch crystals - unless perhaps you're using a dry soft stone such as turquoise to grind rock salt.

If this is popular 'culture', we strongly suggest you pick up our book, 'The Buyer's Guide', and other mineralogical texts so you can learn better.

29 March 22: You have to be good to yourself. In respecting pauses given to you, you'll be able to see how to incorporate and be even more brilliant for the changes presented to you.

Some crystals given a halt in their growth have other minerals deposit on them, yet when the conditions are right for them they continue crystallization and show off phantoms of record. Take their example and study carefully. The Arkansas blue phantom cluster B07-795 shown below is an excellent desk reference for you to have at your side.

22 March 22: That the word 'rare' has been used lately for just about everything but. Sizing, too, has gone to fantasyland. There are long accepted terms in common usage you should learn to make it easier for you to be able to compare and choose the rock crystals [and other minerals] you want to add to your projects and collections.

So the choice TN - thumbnail sized cluster featured this week outdoes its' size. A floater with a superb, truly RARE reverse scepter, you'll want to get it for your collection posthaste!

15 March 22: A handful, pre-spring, of a powerful Arkansas quantum cluster! Confident, clear energy, included green chlorite AND multicolor rare irises snap you into the new season! 16h-GDT4-231105

8 March 22: Accessories with our Arkansas rock crystals will update your outfits and put a spring in your step! Eureka, style 0263, is a crystal clear choice for starting or adding to your collection.

1 March 22: The Arkansas rock crystal points volunteering to be featured in our jewelry don't have to be big to show their energy and show you off. After all, the [sold] one shown chose everyone else in our Dear Heart, 01A62-150 necklace!

Yours will be as beautiful. If you'd prefer the night-blue of iolite with peacock pearls and goldfill instead of aquamarine and silvery ones, please specify on your order.

22 February 22: in these days struggling between still-winter and not-yet-spring, Arkansas golden healers can help you buck up with their glowing energy. We are fond of the generous and stately large cabinet cluster [G06-13448] shown below, and you will be, too.

Sent doubly boxed and will choose its' travelling companion.

15 February 22 - Really special, natural smoky quartz is rarely found in Arkansas. 18i-ST2-2089 shown below is just that much more incredible as it has termination AND prism faces for a total of 21! Deserves a prime place in your collection of rarities, rainbow, location or just plain lovable quartzes.

8 February 22: A choice beauty for giving or for your own collection, here's a remarkably energetic natural and naturally heart shaped Arkansas quartz cluster! #W02-13567, shown below.

You can still be a sweetie in time for Valentine's Day by having us announce that your gift's on the way...choose your 'weapons'.

1 February 22: Another approach to Valentine's Day, which is now 2 weeks away, is our 7-ways-to-wear Hearts Galore oxidized sterling silver earrings! # 22ST42

Send a pair, keep a pair, they're modern classics!

19 January 22: 19 January 22 - it's Montgomery Crystal Co's 32d birthday! And we have you to thank for it. Won't you please help us celebrate? As always, the rock crystals and quartz clusters, jewelry and Illuminators tm, antique bud bottles, and picture frames choose a crystal 'travelling companion' to bring to you with them - our gift to you.

12 January 22: 22A03 are 2" posted earrings available with your choice of 11 different accessory stones to highlight our meticulously picked and paired natural Arkansas rock crystals. Have more than one pair to match your moods, or enough for your wedding party!

31 December 21: We send out the very best wishes to you for a new, healthy, happy year. Hitch those to a STAR, as shown below! [B07-301]

17 December 21: If you pride yourself as being a collector, or you really owe someone else, the appropriate gift is shown below. 18NR-G4-19, the Mona Lisa Smile.

10 December 21: Light up someone with a golden healer cluster! Shown is 17a-W02-1163, which has gorgeous natural coloring and a very rare natural cross.

03 December 21: In case you forgot, it's time to order for your others for the holidays. And for yourselves, too!

Our earrings, including our several-ways-to-wear Convertible Hoops [22A33-06] shown below, are great - you only need to know if they have pierced ears!

26 November 21: In case you forgot, it's time to order for your others for the holidays. Hanukkah starts in TWO DAYS! NOVEMBER 28! this year, with the other holidays hard behind it.

Surprise your one of kinds with our one of kinds!

12 November 21: The incidence of rock crystals naturally growing in shapes which are universally recognized and cherished by us is very, very rare.

The Arkansas rock crystal cross featured as the star of the UP necklace shown [#01A51] is one of kind on every level. So are you - elevate yourself and wear it in good health and protection.

05 November 21: What's really nice, and initially not even realized, is that each of our Illuminator tm bookmarks is also an accurate pendulum. So not only have your gift-giving options doubled, these satisfy by being lovely and precious in the hand. And hand washable, too.

26 October 21: The season's changing, and everyone needs a pause. Even rock crystals pause, as clearly shown by #18i-BT2-7102 shown below, with its' two distinct blue phantoms [shale] under its' 8h faced [very rare] uncommon chisel tip.

Acquire this point and see your own pause reflect a tune-up.

19 October 21: This is from "The Brother Gardeners" by Andrea Wulf. You might not suspect that plants have much to do with rock crystals, but this sure has a parallel to today's market with ridiculous cutesy names and ridiculous prices for substandard specimens:

""However, there was one problem: the naming of these new plants was causing much confusion, since gardeners and nurserymen were naming them at will. .... For garden owners the confusion meant that cultivatiom advice could be wrong and that the same plant could be ordered twice under different names. ....

The problem was not entirely new. Already in 1629 [1629!!!] John Parkinson, in his bestselling plant catalogue Paradisi in Sole: Paradisus Terrestris, declared that "scarce one of our Nurserie men doe sell the right, but give one for another". .... More than sixty years later, Samuel Gilbert, another horticultural writer, remained frustrated by "the Mercenary Flower Catchers" who pretended to sell new exotics but only invented names for "old Flowers TO ENHANCE THEIR PRICE. " " [caps mine]

A common, vetted language does exist for rock crystals including grading info. So, buyer be aware and order it below! "The Buyer's Guide", # BG.

12 October 21: While ALL natural rock crystals are truly one-of-kind, you only have one chance to add this one -which is a collection in and of itself - to yours: It's: -a sturdy size - a Face in its' face -raised recordkeepers -rainbow foil -glyph[s] -a naturally designed etched tortoise -stands securely by itself on its' hera [regrowing] base. # 18NR-G4-19

We will, as always, be curious to see whom it will choose to bring along with it to you.


10 October 21: Broaching the brooches, we show off our Seneca - named after the upstate lake of brilliance, a precious and bright Arkansas rock crystal's the highlight.

Get a few for gift giving and one for yourself to wear immediately!

27 September 21: Commanding in the nicest possible way, the 3-1/4x 3-1/4x 5" [!] twins dominate this Arkansas rock crystal cluster of 8-3/4" wide by 7" deep x 7" tall.

Other member crystals of this quartz cluster range from brilliantly clear to veiled with foils. More than plenty of rainbows to go around, shaded faces to see, penetrators and record keepers to count. #W08-09

Challenge yourself and make a great investment at the same time.

22 September 21: When you draw on the parts of your brain interested in forms, colors and textures, you make creative new pathways. What do you notice about our attractive and attracting Sacandaga brooch that will energize and yet ground you, drawing others to you?

Get it out of its' gift box and see! #0240

14 September 21: Struggling? Get inspired by adding this this stitch-marked Hera rock crystal from Arkansas to your collection. Each 'stitch' shows growth despite obstruction; the Hera classification means regrowth. Hop to its' page and get it sent. !!! W2-13ST4

7 September 21: Ebullient: overflowing with fervor, enthusiasm, or excitement; high-spirited - Have us send this cluster to you to bring in the highlights of the new season! B06-2305

31 August 21: C'est mardi - Mars' day, whose color was red. Modernly pink now, and ascribed as sophisticated, sincere, and loving, 01A35 embodies these on you with the additions of Cape amethyst, peridot, and a stand-out Arkansas rock crystal which chose these beads for you.

25 August 21: Avail yourselves of our Illuminator tm bookmark/pendulums and receive jewels which not only mark your place, but can help accurately answer your questions. Need instruction for working with your Illuminators as pendulums? Don't hesitate to ask us.

17 August 21: Energetic, held to be superior for healing, and vibrant, with no damage, get yourself this monumental Arkansas green chlorite cluster. All points, no matrix, fascinating. G06-1910.

10 August 21: Feeling ditsy and unconnected lately? Recalibrate yourself with a rare and wonderful 8-edged, channel faced Arkansas rock crystal. Long ago called a 'mule's foot' as this main face can be rather broad, work with it to ground youself and plan your next sure steps. Shown is #W3-13561, ready to be yours..

03 August 21: Bimini Clips-earrings-of-Matched-wirewrapped-Natural-Arkansas-Rock-Crystals-ammonites-copal-tiger's-eye-horn-pyrite, 22A51. Warm colors to attract; powerful and discerning energy to help you choose whom to keep.

27 July 21: Sparking drusy extrudes from a bit of grounding sandstone included in this hyper-shiny two-sided Arkansas rock crystal plate cluster - a joyous, ferocious! small for your collection, inspiration, or gift giving!

Overall 3/4"x 1-1/2"x 2-3/4" tall, from Arkansas. #WP02-1516. Have you ever been so happy?

21 July 21: every so often a pause is encountered. During this time, other minerals may cozy up and then become inclusions, occlusions*, or phantoms as the quartz encloses them and continues to grow.

In Arkansas, rock crystals may exhibit: red clay, red iron, sand, black manganese, shale, white chlorite, beige chlorite, green chlorite, white titanium and combinations.

And then, they even accommodate you.

*the 'added' mineral continues on the outside of the crystal[s].

13 July 21: When a natural rock crystal is damaged underground [natural damage] or in mining [man made], it starts its' own repair and 'healing' atom by atom. We don't live long enough to see the finish, but know its' orientation isn't diminished. Even if its' lost its' faces it knows [and we can see] which end is up - an energy marvel.

You simply cannot expect this animation when you're buying material cut up to look like a point. It might be 'pretty'. Every part of it is in repair. Can you tell which end is up? Even our gem beads have an 'up'.

6 July 21: EVERY rock crystal, EVERY quartz cluster, indeed EVERY rough has been hand held and asked if it's coming with us to find YOU. EVERY one has been driven back with us. +/-1400 miles from Arkansas to the offices here. EVERY one has had a salt bath, and been washed with a soft toothbrush and lavender soap..if needed, acid baths/baking soda/ammonia, lavender soap.

EVERY rock crystal, EVERY quartz cluster, EVERY rough is asked if it wishes to come to work with you naked or combined into our other offerings. It's they who choose the gem beads and other materials for YOU! We can only suggest...

29 June 21: is there a method to your collecting madness? Do you have a predilection for a set of one of each type of main face? Crystals with extra faces? Twins? Just clusters? If you don't see onsite, you can call or email us your particulars.

22 June 21: We know that rock crystals are the most orderly beings on earth, their arrangements of atoms and molecules changing to fix slights and dings - and sometimes to accomodate other materials - as well as inspiring us to get it together and point ourselves in the right direction.

So we've shown a happy taskmaster below, which may look sweet and squishy as it smiles up at you from the palm of your hand till it requires you to fix yourself to be happy, too. ;> # 17f-S04-1987

15 June 21: Many of us, but not enough, have had our vaccines and can start with precautions to being out and about again.

DON'T run out of the tent and ride off in all directions! Ground yourselves and concentrate your positive energy first: our Arkansas golden healer clusters are past masters at helping you.

8 June 21: 1664.

Issac Newton discovered that white is made up of all colors.

So the blend is inclusive and all you need is the range of white/clear rock crystals to have your rainbow.

1 June 21: Channel compliments right to yourself with the Highlight rock crystal barrette! You'll be golden! We've wirewrapped a trinity of gold braid spirals with a shining natural Arkansas rock crystal to a 1-1/2" strong French clip...overall just 2" wide, and packed with good energy.

To contain a curl, perk up a gown, add shine to jeans and a tee this elegant barrette is effortless accessorizing! Style B09.

If you'd like a pair of Highlights or more, please inquire.

25 May 21: Our great friend and client of 20 years, Linda Glendenning of Cove Crystal Shoppe, has left this plane. We urge you to join us in sending love for her and to Elson, Richard and Kristi who press on.

Here is Kristi's announcement:

It is with a heavy heart and great sorrow that I want to share that Linda passed away Sunday at around 11AM.

We know so many people loved Linda and will want to express their condolences. There will be a memorial service pending and I will be happy to let you know the details when they are firmed up.

Linda's email will remain open since it is the business email. I will be attending to it by Elson's request. Feel free to pass this on to anyone who knows Linda. [] with love and crystal blessings,

11 May 21: Holograms! Record keepers! Color change and little rainbows! Click on its' photo and get it home! # YDT2-1354 Pale Champagne Multi-Terminated Golden Healer Crystal, Cabinet

27 April 21: Mothers' Day is SUNDAY, MAY 9 this year. Order early to insure your enduring gifts for her arrive on time! We also suggest our Mayflower - you don't even have to know what size she wears. # 01G05

20 April 21: Mothers' Day is Sunday, May 9 this year. Order early to insure your enduring gifts for her arrive on time! We suggest our lovely Chou Twist, 01A35, to put some spring in her step.

13 April 21: Take concentrated, effortless energy with you. Simple, powerful, elegant XL self-clasps to include you. #0102

06 APRIL 21: WITH. Rock crystals, clusters, and other stones work WITH you, not FOR you. You are asking them to contribute, to add, their energy to your focus.

The most important thing is that your crystals resonate with you: Buy the points, rough and clusters you’ll want to practice with.

23 March 21: Risen from the earth, we are all awed and delighted when there is a sign we recognize. Beautiful, natural # 17a-W02-1163 golden healer cluster with a RARE cross formation to help you also humbly rise. Gather your wits.

16 March 21: The Beauty Spot choker features a shimmering Arkansas natural laser crystal and butterly pendant along with lampworked lavender glass rose beads, Czech pressed-moulded emerald glass beads, Swarovski colored [glass] crystal facetted rondells in all the best colors. 14k goldfill findings and spring ring clasp. Give yourself or another some great energy! # 0122 can be made in multiples, each an original.

09 March 21: Jewelled-set with a tassel including a rare diamond window crystal, here is an antique Hires bottle repurposed to hold your attention as well as an early-blooming branch of blossoms...sent gift boxed, #01B15.

04 March 21: finally! the power and cable are on again, and we will be shipping by monday! get yourself a smile, shown below as W03-3107, and it can go along, too!

22 February 21: Instant warm. Nutmeg-orange iron phantoms. Grounding and elevating. Avail yourself. Y04-1376

16 February 21: Searching for friendly faces in a crowd? You'll sharpen your focus with this channel-faced, doubly-terminated, Arkansas green chlorite phantom crystal. It's got TWENTY FACES all told.

Of course we're biased, but it's a rare beauty. # 18i-GDT2-231104

26 January 21: Rainbow Arkansas rock crystals! Cupids! Hearts! Send yours to whomever has your affections! Sent gift boxed with your intent hand written in our enclosure card! Gift wrapping at no charge when you specify.

19 January 21: Keep both hands free while using your glasses, or detatch the eyeglass grippers [we've added an extra clasp and ring] and wear as a one of kind necklace. These bright colors and novel combinations of rock crystal, semiprecious, and/or vintage beads will keep your spirits high and your focus sharp. GREAT FOR CLASPING TO YOUR FACE MASK without pulling it off. see:

13 January 21: Natural Arkansas rock crystals, no matter their size, bring strong, clear energy to you. Gift yourself some with our 0268 Florabunda!

5 January 21: time to treat yourself to some sparkle! An excellent cluster for your affection, W02-15169, is shown below with brilliant small points grounded in native sandstone.

29 December 20: from the dregs of winter, spring will come. Try it on early and hold it in your heart with the Beauty Spot butterfly choker [#0122] featuring a powerfully sweet natural Arkansas rock crystal.

22 December 20: we send our very best wishes to you and yours for safe, healthy holidays.

And to put some great energy into you and your surroundings, golden healers - shown below and on our pages -

FINE golden healer quartz burr cluster from the Collier Creek Mines is a real WOW for your small cabinet collection. Crystal clear points to a 2" doubly-terminated crystal include rare needle points, record keeper, uncommon 7h faced, rainbow, and twin.

Pointing in all directions, 2-3/4"x 2-3/4"x 2-3/4", there is natural contact and regrowth but amazingly just one chipped crystal and one missing one.

Much better than even we could have expected! 18b-Y032509

15 December 20: Delve into beliefs - you may just find they're all the same. # 01B77, What Goes Around, is truly emblematic, powerfully ready to help you learn. And sent gift boxed.

8 December 20: # 17h-WDT2135 doubly-terminated with record keepers and rainbows, this miniature features multiple manifestation crystals. Two 'sets' of these rarities form CHRISTIAN CROSSES. 'Tis always the season - maybe now more than ever.

24 November 20: An Arkansas rock crystal var. white phantom [rarest ]which also has green, tan and white chlorite inclusions. Two ROUND [selene, like the moon] inclusions [extremely rare], one with a glittering halo effect and a FACE. An obvious face. Even beyond extremely rare: truly sui which is of its' own kind.

[Also] Isis faced, with a clearly naturally etched tortoise or turtle.

A rainbowed, foil/inner fracture three dimensionally shaped shows the astrological Aries sign and/or the sign for Pi.

The back prism side, curved from interrupted growth, and a partially regrown growth crater one prism over fits the crystal comfortably in your hand. It tabularly stands alone [and also physically] on a milk quartz base also in regrowth, 11/16x 3x 4-1/16" tall - though laying down you can read through the clear top half.

Four tip fleabites being tended to by numerous raised record keepers [to 3/4"]. Devic veils and a curved 1/8x 1/4x 1/2" doubly-terminated tabular crystal accent.

This crystal stopped us in our tracks when it came out of Sonny Stanley's collection in 1994 - we can only guess what it will do to you!

Each One The Only ...truly..18NR-G4-19.

17 November 20: In the right light, everyone can shine. See how amplified you can be when you get this large Arkansas channeling crystal home to work with you. #W5-133

10 November 20: published to great acclaim in 1753 Linnaeus's "Species Naturae" listed not only a comprehensive list of plants, but a solution for NAMING them. Because old systems gave names 'a foot long' and widely unwieldy AND wrong in many cases.

Simplification was genius.

This applies to rock crystals, too, and "The Buyer's Guide" cuts away the confusion from today's fanciful, meaningless AND wrong terms.

Order yours. We don't care what personal names you may give them after you've gotten them home.

3 November 20: Illuminators tm, make powerful and elegant study aids both as bookmarks and accurate pendulums. So read, and learn away.

Night Sky, #18C111,and many others are ready to gift box for you or a friend. Christmas, etc., is coming...

27 October 20: every one of us can use a little extra light and lightheartedness right about now! Spark some with our collection of crystal clips - Highlight [B09] is shown.

21 October 20: the elements of earth do not tolerate impiety: do not confuse the way that crystals LOOK with the way that they ARE.

For energy work and helping to clarify, it's not the blasted-out/cut up Brazils, Chinese, or fakely colored stones which have lost their orientation. It's the naturals, whatever quality, every time. #S03-1934, Natural Smoky, RARE to Arkansas shown.

14 October 20: we don't know about you - you almost never write - but between mars and mercury currently being retrograde, we've just gotten 1. a new computer, which JUST like the old one, thinks it's 2014... 2. the camera put its' little lens up in the air... 3. i turned around too fast and went down, concussed, like the proverbial box of. No crystals were harmed.

Are we having fun yet? You wlll be when you find a place for the sweetness and light of clusters such as W06-321 while you are reviewing and revamping!

29 September 20: as Marcel Proust said: "The real voyage of discovery consists not of seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." Learn new perpectives and to ground yourself with the blue included, blue phantom cluster shown below - you are worth your journey. B06-2305

22 September 20: ok, some things can be done mechanically - like our store being back online, finally! But some things cannot - there can be up to a THOUSAND natural crystals to a pound. We meticulously grade, size and match, starting with the main faces for each earring pair. If the points are to be capped, grinding needs to be done judiciously so heights match. We do not cap stones with signs of regrowth. If other stones are to join the style, the crystals must agree which, down to the last bead, so that what may look simple to you has the harmony to help you and show you off, too. # 22A03

Easy to do with pre-cut stones - naturally, stronger energy for you with whole, natural stones.

18 August 20: at 4 pounds, 9 ounces, this Arkansas cluster is nothing short of imposing. Rare, beautifully sharp cadet blue phantoms are only the beginning with this cluster. Breathe deeply and click through to the payment page. It's worth every underpriced penny. # B06-122

12 August 20: you'll find that many times you will purchase quartz clusters because there's something familiar besides their strength and energy - a recognizable shape, perhaps. This multi-rainbowed 'bouquet' encourages you to learn about the differently shaped crystals, and how they work together for you. # WDT02-1320

06 August 20: Once upon a time, this antique 1x 2-1/2" moulded glass vial held wafers produced by the Upjohn Company.

We've wrapped it in jewellers' brass and given it a tassel of natural Arkansas rock crystal, a real, not sponge coral [pre-embargo], iridescent abalone, fancy jasper and hematite with a black and silver Japanese foil bead and brass heishi and gears - just right for a small nosegay.

# 01B17, one of kind.

30 July 20: Here is a large clear quartz cluster featuring several unusual NATURALLY iridescent crystals, uncommon 7h faced points, and doubly-terminated, self-healed, and rainbow individuals. You will notice even more varieties as you examine this grouping in person: more tabular and twin, triplet and rider crystals, record keeper crystals, and glittering drusy to the sandstone partial matrix. Iridescence and rainbows change/appear/reappear as you turn the cluster, too.

Overall 5-1/4x 4x 8" long. The main, stepped shield faced tabular crystal is 1-1/2x 2-3/4x 5-3/4" high! The many-penetrated doubly-terminated crystal riding to its' right is a sleek trans-channel of 4" tall. No damage, two old conchoidals on the flip side.

Full of suprises! Collier Creek. #WT06-1370

21 July 20: Butterflies play tag on your dresses! Okay, on your jackets and tees, too! Fabulous rainbowed Arkansas rock crystal is highlighted on the mama coppery fly with pink and rose glinting rhinestones.

Golden baby fly connects with bright rose facetted Swarovskis for an overall delight! 2-3/4" wide by 2-1/4" in flight. # 0264

Sent gift boxed with handwritten description on the reverse of our enclosure card. Shipping will be added.

Each One The Only, but you can order an entire flock.

14 July 20: lighten up and charm with our Beauty Spot choker - light up wherever you go, effortlessly! A natural Arkansas rock crystal points you, along with beautifully colored hand-worked beads. #0122

01 July 20: energize yourself - to the light of the moon - with this ridiculously rare Selene veil Arkansas crystal.

Like you, there's only one. 18r-WTX3-13558

14 June 20: it's June 14th and Father's Day is the 21st. Present your Pop with an Illuminator tm jewel to thank him for all his help and inspiration - handsome, useful, practical, and one of kind as he is - even if he doesn't use it for the accurate pendulum it is!

Sent gift boxed quickly!

07 June 20: Dusky smoky quartz twinned with a clear quartz - solidarity is natural and peaceful and about time. # 18i-S02-2080

02 June 20: Father's Day is 21 June - Send for A Boy's Life jeweled picture frame! # 332

25 May 20: Who couldn't use a smile right about now - or for Father's Day? The Arkansas prime cluster shown is one! # W03-3107

19 May 20: Do you know your crystals, clusters, jewelry, Illuminators tm, bud bottles and frames always choose a travelling companion to bring along to you? A pleasant gift!

12 May 20: get dressed already! Though with our Dear Heart collar, you won't need much in the way of clothes. Elegant Dear Heart drop earrings listed separately.

05 May 20: send some sunshine - an Arkansas golden healer rock crystal cluster - rare and rarer! Start your collection with Item# 18i-Y02-1375!

28 April 20: The Beauty Spot choker, sparkling and nearly weightless, will add a colorful, powerful spring energy to even your indoor days. A lovely gift for Mothers' Day, too!

We are shipping. Everyone is bathed before being gift boxed, as always. But never the books or magazines!

22 April 20: We are shipping. Everyone is bathed before being gift boxed, as always.

14 April 20: created just for you, our Illuminator bookmarks can help you focus yourselves ON yourselves - they are accurate pendulums - as well as on your reading material.

We are shipping. Everyone is bathed before being gift boxed, as always.

29 March 20: while we prefer our rock crystals and clusters au natural, Rebecca Selva at Fred Leighton's says:

“The Egyptians carved rock crystal into beads, rings, and amulets. In Ancient India, rock crystal was used for its healing powers to cleanse, shift, and balance energy.”

Go to our Rock Crystals Ready-To-Wear pages and choose who feels right for you! Sent gift boxed.

02 February 20: We have the knack for pairing and matching natural Arkansas rock crystals as well as feeling what they wish to harmonize with - and with whom. But please place your orders early so that we can then sit around and eat chocolates, too!

Hearts Galore is a great choice for Valentine's Day and beyond. See the Hearts Galore earrings also!

27 January 20: St. Valentine's Day is coming up fast, and we have the naturally heart-shaped clusters and carved hearts in our jewelry for you to clearly state your intentions to your loved one[s].

The incidence of natural rock crystals forming hearts is quite low - so shop your passion while they're available for you!

19 January 20 marks Montgomery Crystal Co's THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY - that's 30 years of YOUR choosing the very best Arkansas rock crystals to point the way!

We clearly look forward to continuing with you and catching up beginners, too! xx, lin

07 January 20: Birthday Order

I’ve been stalking your site for awhile now in hopes of finding a good birthday crystal for myself well one that I could afford and eat for the month. Damn do you have some good fantasy purchases. I have passed most pieces onto others at this point as gifts when I felt people could use them. There was one I held onto because it always felt special. To this day, I carry it with me almost everywhere I go. I feel like a new one for 2020 is needed - or I’m choosing to need it for a fresh start.

Thought I would share how special it is to me because who doesn’t like to hear that!?

oxoxoxox Maura

30 December 19: Wishing you all 20/20 in 2020!

18 December 19: Twin crystals give you an extra special way to communicate with loved ones - and this grand cluster has'em for you to give to'm! W08-09

10 December 19: There's a reason our trademark is Each One The Only One. tm: each NATURAL rock crystal [and cluster] is truly one of kind. Surely the most 'original' point we have is shown below, with a MONA LISA SMILE. Gift yourself, if not someone who really needs her.

3 December 19: For that absolutely one-of-kind gift we recommend our Shalimar: Rich, sumptuous, sexy, self-assured with the inner knowing all eyes will be on you...chocolate antique soochow jade in premium quality and size, carved for you by hand, is combined with gem grade rose quartz facetted and rainbowed. Rubellite tourmaline naturally tinted with green. Sterling silver wraps a gorgeous smooth Arkansas green chlorite crystal to the butterflies.

26 November 19: Sterling silver Hearts Galore hoops are always an instant favorite! With a set of three interchangeable charms, we have thought of at least 5 combinations to wear to suit your whims. Paired/matched natural Arkansas rock crystals, sleek pink leopardskin jasper hearts, vintage glass pearls with silver. Metaphysical or not, you'll be delighted to wear them.

19 November 19: Gift your Thanksgiving hosts or another you love with this permanent rock crystal 'bouquet' cluster. A complete, natural collection of favorite quartz types in one cheery group! Item# WDT02-1320

13 November 19: You can enhance your book learning and general reading enjoyment with our Illuminator tm bookmarks. An added benefit is that they are accurate pendulums, and also elegant gifts.

29 October 19: You can concentrate and amplify the energy you project by wearing your crystals, with a touch of humor as needed.

Our Hostess necklace shown features real gold squiggles in its' handmade red glass triangle - as above, so below - beads, and two A+ Arkansas rock crystals. Also available with violet glass, please specify the color you want on your order, and note that there are only one of each.

22 October 19: we bet you could use a smile right about now - or that you need to tuck one away to give for the holidays - and that this is just the very cluster for the job. A smile AND rainbows! #W03-3107

25 September 19: we thank you for choosing a Montgomery Crystal - each one is a natural American phenomena, mined by hand and cleaned using the gentlest methods.

Keep in mind that these are the same precious stones used to power watches and computers. They can amplify the best you've got to give, so use them well.

Sent gift boxed.

17 September 19: enormous energy looks nearly ladylike - the Triangle Choker works equally well for a collector with its' rare, iron included Arkansas rock crystal, or for a friend who merely dresses by color. 01A20

10 September 19: Tabular crystals are said to be especially good at straining out relationship and negotiation bumps-in-the-road - and this one can also sit up to supervise.

Self-displays, All The Time. WTDT6-1592

03 September 19: this is not a 'starter' cluster, though it might be the only one you need for your collection.

Exquisite. Rare form: burr clusters have crystals all the way around. Fabulous clarity. Devic and white titanium veils. Many crystals doubly-, multi-terminated. More than several crystals with uncommon 7h faces. Step faces [rare], extra prism faces. Rainbows, record keepers, a stand of points.

Self-displays, All The Time. Exquisite Large Rock Crystal Burr Cluster, Rare Habits

28 August 19: always popular, our Sacandaga brooch features a gem grade Arkansas rock crystal, grounding rich red garnets, balancing multi-colored fancy jasper, and protective deep green moss agate to stylishly help you usher in the new season in good humor, smooth flow.

20 August 19: each rock crystal, like each of us, is the sum of its' parts, and the differences in formation can vary widely! There is no such thing as 'just a plain crystal', as your examination starting with the astounding Arkansas tabular crystal pictured below will show -

Any questions? Shoot us an email!

13 August 19: need some direction or inspiration? Going to be a house guest? Sending your child off to college with highest hopes? Give our WILDEST DREAMS handmade frame and help realize them! Sent gift boxed. Ask for gift wrap at no extra charge!

06 August 19: each rock crystal is the only one. Just as there is no atom for atom twin to you, each rock crystal is as individual as you. Shown, the LAST ONE of our Hostess endless necklace in red. You may ask for violet instead, it's ALSO the LAST ONE!

29 July 19: Nothing we see or hear is perfect. But right there in the imperfection is perfect reality. Shunryu Suzuki

23 July 19: Arkansas rock crystal clusters emphasize individuals combining to groups. What's special still stands out and enhances the whole. Get your clique and see what you notice.

16 July 19: AGAIN - natural [Arkansas!] rock crystals are all about balance and clearing the energy around them. Good to have with you as you meander on, free of fake coatings and all direction lost from tumbling/polishing.

09 July 19: natural [Arkansas!] rock crystals are all about balance and clearing the energy around them. Good to have with you as you meander on, free of fake coatings and all direction lost from tumbling/polishing.

25 June 19: you can jumpstart yourself when you communicate with a great crystal cluster. Empty all the flying debris from your brain, focus, and then see.

21 June 19: we wish you a happy summer solstice with balance and light hearted grace - and writing of which, send for your own Beach Tassel necklace to bask with. Matching Beach Tassel ears are available, too!

11 June 19: it's June 11th - Fathers' Day is the 16th! Hurry and get him a Boy's Life jewelled picture frame so he can have a precious momento. Sent gift boxed and wrapped, with the message of your choice.

04 June 19: in these times of misinformation and fantasy swirling around like dryer lint, we suggest you get your head together and hold on to a great rock while you sort things out. The large rare Arkansas blue phantom cluster shown would be a good start. B07-795 O - and get an extra: Father's Day is June 16th.

22 May 19: rock crystals are more than willing, when you are focused, to work WITH you. which is to say that they do not work FOR you - it's a team effort.

14 May 19: if rarity is the focus of your collecting, start with natural anomalies such as rock crystals with 'extra' faces - the Arkansas golden healer cluster shown has 7h, 8h, and 9th! faced members, not to mention that it's from the type locality of Collier Creek.

Great variety for a little price, sent gift boxed.

7 May 19: MOTHER'S DAY is May 12 - and so now you can send a make-up gift. Choose a pair of remarkably well-matched Arkansas rock crystals with juicy amethyst Little Sticks earrings to show her off!

Gift boxed, Gift WRAPPED when asked at no charge. Ships to you, or to she.

30 April 19: MOTHER'S DAY is May 12 - for all the times your mom's held you up, give her a lift with the Lace Wing pin - a joy of rock crystal and carved rose quartz sparkled with Swarovski glass.

Gift boxed, Gift WRAPPED when asked at no charge. Ships to you, or to she.

23 April 19: MOTHER'S DAY is May 12 - be a genius and give her Chou Twist - you don't even have to search for that list of sizes she gave you.

Gift boxed, Gift WRAPPED when asked. Ships to you, or to she.

16 April 19: you can WEAR your crystals and be hands free! An endlessly fashionable choice is our Filigree Cross Pendant with Arkansas rock crystal and peridot, which comes to you on a black velvet choker. It can be changed out and worn on your own chain, too.

8 April 19: with the California mines having been closed in 1997, the rarity of available fine, natural lavender rose quartz has increased monumentally. Avail yourselves of our rapidly dwindling supply!

2 April 19: direct to your heart chakra with emphasis on balance and healing, green chlorite phantoms are held to be elementally helpful. Working with them can be most beneficial for you. We suggest the large cabinet, no matrix cluster shown. Get started helping yourself!

26 March 19: Venus is harmonious for the next four weeks. That should make day-to-day relations and interactions much easier - so pin on some extra confidence! Send for your bee and/or butterfly brooches for that extra lift!

19 March 19: whether you are collecting for type, rarity, overall prettiness, or location our Arkansas rock crystal clusters will amaze you with their concentrated pure energy,

Sometimes you need the help of a group - find them here!

If you are new to this, or cannot choose, please ask us.

7 March 19: The Point Is: that with Mercury in retrograde and Uranus tearing around in Taurus now you may need the twin helps of grounding and clarity.

Natural smoky quartz is rare to Arkansas, but we have some fine specimens to aid you.

28 February 19: Each rock crystal, quartz cluster, rough stone and bead has been chosen for our stock by asking them if they are the right ones to come with us for you. So that much has been settled.

When we combine them to make jewelry [and Illuminator tm bookmark/pendulums, Bud Bottles, Jeweled Picture Frames and so forth], it's the crystals, clusters, and stones who choose the beads, findings, ribbons, velvets to be with.

It's also the way your gift crystal or cluster is found and sent to you.

Take a moment to reflect on that...and you might like to see the feedback page, too!

18 February 19: Rainbows in quartz crystals can occur by inner reflective fracture, the light playing off the shells of empty water bubbles, crossed axis between two or more crystals, and/or included crystals. They can cheer us, help us to focus, and even strengthen us to rise from injury.

5 February19: Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Interest your sweetie in your hobby in the most natural way - with our hearts!

Joyous, ferocious! small for your collection, inspiration, or gift giving! Overall 3/4"x 1-1/2"x 2-3/4" tall, from Arkansas. Have you ever been so happy?

Make haste!

29 January 19: Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Interest your sweetie in your hobby in the most natural way - with our hearts!

Natural Arkansas rock crystal clusters, jewelry with gemstone hearts, Illuminator tm bookmark/pendulums all speak for your intent and affection.

Make haste!

19 January 2019: We want to THANK YOU for helping us reach our 29th birthday today.

As always, each Arkansas crystal and cluster, California and South Dakota rough - even each gemstone bead and carving has been chosen by hand at the source - and asked to come with us for you.

As always, your orders carry a gift stone chosen by those you have sent for.

As always, a large part of what we do it teach. So if you have questions, feel free.

January 8/19: Natural smoky quartz of any quality is rare in Arkansas. Held to be grounding and protective, the specimen shown below has much to teach you. Just focusing on the multicolored [also] rare irises amongst the layers of parallel growth will aid you.

December 31/18: And now let us believe in a long year that is given to us, new, untouched, full of things that have never been, full of work that has never been done, full of tasks, claims, and demands; and let us see that we learn to take it without letting fall too much of what it has to bestow upon those who demand of it necessary, serious, and great things.

Rainer Maria Rilke

December 25/18: Ancient symbols and rock crystals highlight our continuing belief in what is right and good. Clip this barrette on and bring this great energy to and through you. Highlight is available in multiples!

December 19/18: Everyone always has something more to learn about rock crystals, their various habits, what is rare and unusual. We are delighted to say that the very first customer for Lin's book was a sharp 7- year old young man. Get yourselves and the other curious people you know your own we're all on the same page.

December 11/18: Make Sure To Give Us Ample Time For Custom Work and Shipping Of Your Gift Crystal and Cluster Orders for the Upcoming Holidays!

Gift wrap is always at no charge.

We Ship USPS: In the USA We Need To Ship On or Before:

DEC 20 First Class Mail® DEC 20 Priority Mail® DEC 22 Priority Mail Express®

To the Rest of the World by:

DEC 20 Global Express Guaranteed®

December 4/18: Discovery is a fine and exciting thing - what has both grounded AND inspired you lately?? Be proud to claim this Arkansas golden healer cross cluster for yourself or as a teaching gift for someone you cherish.

November 27/18: Crystals which have shaped themselves into any human-recognizable icons are an absolute rarity. This natural Arkansas cross has even made itself wearable - gift the UP cross necklace or even raise yourself!

November 21/18: Only ONE of you can have this amazing natural Arkansas rock crystal with TWO manifestations inside shaped as TWO crosses.

November 12/18: Have you stopped to look through all of our categories for you and for gifting lately? There will shortly be even always, every design combining the crystals is made right here, many one of kind! - so don't wait!

-Arkansas Rock Crystals

-Books: The Buyer's Guide and more

-Bookmark/Pendulums: our Illuminators tm



-Bud Bottles

-Box Tops tm TBA!


-Jeweled Picture Frames

-Key Talismans TBA!

-Little Wreaths TBA!


Arkansas Quartz Clusters

-Rough South Dakota Rose and California Lavender Quartzes

October 24/18: Arkansas rock crystals regardless of looks deliver the strongest, cleanest energy over any other sort. To select, sort, and grade, to organize your own collection get my book and learn how. The visuals are priceless and portable.

October 18/18: Natural Arkansas rock crystals and clusters are known for their exceptional clear and strong energy - the best. Shown is a large cabinet 'butterfly' with substantial, radiating force in the nicest way. Self-displays safely in several positions.

October 11/18: Each rock crystal, quartz cluster and gem rough chooses to come with us from Arkansas to find you. They also choose which gemstone beads and findings they want to combine with to suit your particular needs and style. A perennial favorite is our Lucky Bar H pin with a rare needle Arkansas rock crystal perched on the shamrock charm. Corral and focus your forces - and Western is so hot right now!

September 27/18: An outstanding, perhaps unexpected, pronounced rare faden veil inside of top quality ARKANSAS tabular crystals in parallel growth. Rainbows may tempt you to negotiate, meditate, ruminate with a lightness of spirit.

September 20/18: Natural rock crystals draw energy through and along themselves, clarify and amplify it. They do not have to be clear to do this: all veiled, milky, chipped, rough, and damaged crystals do this, too. When you specifically ask your crystal [and/or crystals, cluster[s], rough stone[s]] to help and work with you, consider the wiser, stronger and most experienced Arkansas quartz - they have the purest no-nonsense way with a dash of humor.

September 12/18: You need to ditch your expectations and go for the real. Cut to look 'real', crystals boiled alive to sear pretty and pretty toxic colors to them, swarovski glass aren't real. They can't and won't help out. Be true to yourselves and get the real thing.