Racing Stripes - Large Arkansas Golden Healer Cluster

Racing Stripes - Large Arkansas Golden Healer Cluster
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Product Description

Racing Stripes - Large Arkansas Golden Healer Cluster
We're so excited about the natural graphics this golden healer cluster has, that if we didn't know it was a natural, Arkansas piece, we'd think it had been painted - we've never seen markings like this one has, and certainly never RACING STRIPES!

You'll see: a partial cathedral with smaller points in parallel growth [this growth pattern is not what an elestial is], and a large area of regrowth. The center point, with glitter-sized barnacles, has a channel face and cloud-like glyphs. At the end, a pronounced isis face with an extra, triangular set-in face above it crowns the 2 3/4x 2x 6" point, which has a 2x 1 1/4x 3/8" tabular appendage.

What would appear to be a strikingly milky crystal group is instead a cluster with so much titanium [and a few clear areas to gaze into] that it looks like it has been reverse-painted!

These click-on photos show you some of the crenellated detail of the partial cathedral, as well as its' 1/2x 3/16" tabular penetrator.

5 1/2x 3x 6-1/4" leaning high. Powerful, and self displays, too.

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